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Yes, I saw a lot of growth, they really made something out of nothing, but it is desert area and rains about 6 times a year, so the farming is limited. I didn't feel like there was structure to the place with a centered business area and separate residential areas. It feels patched up with businesses between housing. It feels that way probably because it is a patched area, they started with one piece of land and bought other patches as necessity grew. The housing is not ideal, but they did achieve the impossible with the little finances they had. I think the are doing a lot better planning for future extensions, which is good. But their main income comes from the tourism and pecan nut "export" . There is no minerals to take advantage of and I don't know how they will get financially stronger. They are building a University, which is great, they are starting with housing first, which is the best place to start. Yet I don't know how interesting the place will be to future students where there is not much entertainment. I see some potential, but I'm not overly excited, a lot of thinking-out-of-the-box is needed. That's the logistics. For morale, it was an absolute joy to be served in my language with food I can trust. Everyone has a job. And they work their butts off. I didn't feel anxious when my kids rode their bicycles in the street. Everyone waves to passersby, just like on our farms. It is something to be proud of. It achieved the impossible with everything against it.

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@theeChristopher sorry for my essay.

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essay incoming...

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Hello @RaRi ! Hier is hy!

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@RaRi I suffer from insomnia , but I'm able to get by with little sleep as long as I get a good night's rest once or twice a week I'm good to go. I have small children, and have already reinserted a dummy twice while typing. Sleep is definitely not for people with small kids.

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@KoninginTanja i understand, i also have bad insomnia thats why i work at night.

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thank you @KoninginTanja for your honest opinion

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@theeChristopher @RaRi thanks for the chat I'm picketing outside #mancavemustfall

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lol man cave is ok lol

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you can join us men 😉

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Thanks, but now I'm going to bed. Good night everyone

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@KoninginTanja Goodnight.

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sleep well.

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@RaRi u 2 👌

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are you from Rhodesia?

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just wanted to know as you mentioned once you conquer zim

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so I thought you were from There

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clean it all up to the zambazi

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clean all africa !!!

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have you guys

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ever been at the zim border?

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that's a big river with nice crocs and they still cross

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yes iv been to zim a few times

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great piece of land

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crap load if potential

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it's like 5am there in SA, do you guys work night shift?

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lol nope

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what hours do you work

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we doing ours in AUS

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Freelance so I don't have hours of work

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okay nice

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