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Did all this happen today at that rest home?

2018-08-03 22:14:52 UTC  

It started 2 days ago

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I will do a video on it on my youtube channel and run it tomorrow. I need all information on this rest home incident including what the EFF is. I am still not very family with S.A. political parties. Why were the rest home residents neglected?

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Legit Land Surveyor ­čśä

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e-mail me at [email protected]

2018-08-03 22:17:49 UTC

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send me all info so I can make an accurate story as possible

2018-08-03 22:18:39 UTC  

there are two articles on maroela that you can translate..

2018-08-03 22:18:59 UTC  

one from march (when all this shit started i think) and the one from today.

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The first and only media that reported on it was in maroela media. I sent a post yesterday but received no replies

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The first time was in March this year at Huis Davids

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The media maroela media reported of catheters bursting

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someone posted a video earlier of what it looked like inside

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oh it was danie in this channel :/

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@Tex Texan the translation on top: I can't explain this, maybe modern technology aren't for everyone

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Did anyone watch this yet?

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^ you didn't post the right link

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Please post a few memes

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@Tex Texan can you give a link to your YT channel?

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don't see it in <#468417556642791434>

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Hello @Arm ! Hier is hy!

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Normal people must carry concealed. Only security and police may carry exposed.
But very difficult to get a license in SA. First screening, then wait up to 2 years for license, then after 5 years it expire. You then have to re-apply 90 days before it expire, and renewal is no guarantee for getting the license again. Up to 15 years if you do not comply.