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my channel

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Who in this server had to rescue his father from that rest home?

Did all this happen today at that rest home?

I will do a video on it on my youtube channel and run it tomorrow. I need all information on this rest home incident including what the EFF is. I am still not very family with S.A. political parties. Why were the rest home residents neglected?

send me all info so I can make an accurate story as possible


arm, my audio is fucked!

let me unfuck it

arm my audio is fucked

let me unfuck it

Arm you okay?

I gotta get going. You guys have a nice evening.

I left a comment on RT' latest video on China proposing a tax on couples that have less than two children. My comment was lets have a tax on Africans and Muslims for 'having children' That should piss off more than a few people. Overpopulation is now becoming a serious threat. This is the root cause of why the Muslims and Africans are moving to Europe and North America. 'Overpopulation in their native lands and fewer resources.

2018-12-02 20:54:42 UTC [Scale brigade #consent-form]  

+giveme consent

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