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@Daniel van Straaten So what's your answer?🤔

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about supralapsarianism versus infralapsarianism?

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I found this quote interesting...

"The difference is that infralapsarianism puts the decree of election subsequent to the decree of the fall. ...If you wish to check various theologians you can look up Henry Bradford Smith, Louis Berkhof, my father, and oh well maybe Charles Hodge and I think you will find in all of them that they put the decree of election after the decree of the fall. My criticism of this is that they confuse logical sequence with temporal sequence."

"And my contention is that the logical sequence is precisely the reverse of the temporal sequence. A person chooses an end and then works back from the end to where he is now."

- GHC from the audio lecture on Predestination in the Old Testament

Since God is outside time, it seems His decrees does not have a chronology but rather each one follow logically after each other.

Regarding equality, equal in what sense?
We are under the same moral law (equal in this sense) and as Christians we will get rewarded according to our works. Unbelievers will get punished according to their works too. The works the Christian performs is by the enabling of the Holy Spirit and they don't earn their salvation by it but get rewarded in the next life. What those rewards will be I am not sure. By God's decree some Christians will perform more good works than others. Thus they are not equal in that sense.

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The other inequalities we as humans have like looks, wealth and intelligence are insignificant to the above.

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@Daniel van Straaten Some food for thought👍

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Ditsem! @Malcolm the Seceder, you just advanced to level 17!

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Just heading into the prayer meeting now will respond laterz

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Enjoy brother. wish I could join

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BTW I don't agree with Peter Hammond here.

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I haven't really delved into infra and supra laplarianism, so I'll use Daniels quote of reference, and I'm not sure how i think about it yet, I'll probably have to look into that. As for equal, there is right and there is wrong. It's only right that everyone in the right are righteously equal in their efforts to do what's right to the glory of the right. Lol and everyone in the wrong, well... they are all wrong, because they refuse to be equal, and to contribute towards the good and what's right. So yeah i don't think all will have equal outcome in God's eyes, but i certainly do think everyone gets the same chances, and equal opportunity we get, and we ought to be respect that to the best we can, but if others refuse to be equal, and refuse to reason... Then that inequity exists, and that ought to be recognized too.

There's an awful lot of responsibility on the choices we make lol, talk about carrying a burden.

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I know that came of rather simple and not very complex..

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Dankie sal kyk daarna

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i dont know if im the only one who's experiencing this in the work place but it feels like im surrounded by a bunch of insecure children

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and i mean seriously insecure

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there's these fake 'power structures' that you have to adore and if you don't then you're some kind of 'evil shit'

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speaking of children its as if the powers that be want to keep you that way, where adults get treated like children... its absolutely bonkers.

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Yeah that's the world now.

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It's those HR women.

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I could never last more than 2 years in any corporate job.

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I always had issues with HR.

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Women in the workplace. Jordan Peterson has mentioned this. In the span of human experience this sort of co-working environment is still a very new experiment. If MeToo has told us anything it's that maybe the experiment is failing in a major way

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A lot of the problems we have today is because so many women just can't handle the work environment. And the losers who were bullied at school have managed to seize power. A lethal combination

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I should say women raised in our feminised culture. Women raised in masculine culture are given the abilities necessary to operate in the real world

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That's why our grandmothers and mothers were able to go out into the workplace and get on with things but our young women today have nervous breakdowns the moment they're asked to take any responsibility

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bloody hell

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ive tried to check if im the culprit in the equation

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but its not so, i will stoop... but i cannot entertain like fake vibes

2018-08-15 21:59:33 UTC  

fluffy vibes

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i lose it

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i dont know if you guys know what im talking about when its that 'adult child' vibe

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like its like this vibe that comes at you that tries to 'soften' you and lull you into this like 'its okay my darling' thing

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meanwhile your ass is getting plundered out the back

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your very life is being kept in stagnation

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only to await to hear some kind of tragic fallout that you are meant to not avoid

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one thing is certain, there's never any good news.