Message from Frederick Bernal in Willem Petzer Live Chat #general

2018-07-18 11:26:24 UTC  

Do you think the goverment wants to disarm us for a civil war.

2018-07-18 11:26:28 UTC  


2018-07-18 11:26:55 UTC  

it isn't much of a civil war if the populace is disarmed

2018-07-18 11:26:55 UTC  

From an outsider it sure does look like they want to make it easier

2018-07-18 11:26:57 UTC  

@crazyBoer No so that they can force us into submission so that they can to whatever they want

2018-07-18 11:27:04 UTC  

that is called a genocide

2018-07-18 11:27:39 UTC  

Well Malema certainly wants that.

2018-07-18 11:28:06 UTC  

only he doesn't want a lead wall impeding that

2018-07-18 11:28:34 UTC  

Coward typical.

2018-07-18 11:28:52 UTC  

coward yes, drooling retard? not quite

2018-07-18 11:28:52 UTC  

Where are you from frederick?

2018-07-18 11:28:55 UTC  


2018-07-18 11:29:03 UTC  

we don't have a second ammendment

2018-07-18 11:29:20 UTC  

and that doesn't stop people from owning what they want

2018-07-18 11:29:37 UTC  

I posted this yesterday, but this may help change some things

2018-07-18 11:29:48 UTC  
2018-07-18 11:29:56 UTC  

the files go online in August

2018-07-18 11:30:13 UTC  

great for any machinist looking for a "weekend project"

2018-07-18 11:31:05 UTC  

the website is owned by an American who recently won a case against the US Federal Gov't

2018-07-18 11:31:17 UTC  

that allows him to publish those files

2018-07-18 11:31:41 UTC  

he was the same person that created the first working 3-D printed gun

2018-07-18 11:31:59 UTC  

Cool I am not that good with my hands though.

2018-07-18 11:32:04 UTC  

that was in 2012/2013 I believe

2018-07-18 11:32:05 UTC  

that's great, was hoping to get a link to his designs

2018-07-18 11:32:22 UTC  

I'm having a printer built at th emo 😃

2018-07-18 11:32:43 UTC  

he even is having his cnc mill put online for anyone looking to build it

2018-07-18 11:32:58 UTC  

Where can I find the materials though.

2018-07-18 11:32:58 UTC  


2018-07-18 11:33:06 UTC  

it finishes 80% lowers for AR-15/10, 1911s, and soon Glocks

2018-07-18 11:33:25 UTC  

he may also have plans for the M9 Beretta it seems

2018-07-18 11:33:38 UTC  

interesting how he also has CAD files for the VZ.58

2018-07-18 11:33:42 UTC  

who knows

2018-07-18 11:33:49 UTC  

maybe we'll see FALs on there soon

2018-07-18 11:34:05 UTC  

they are working on making CAD files for a lot of firearms

2018-07-18 11:34:46 UTC  

So I got to buy a 3d printer or something

2018-07-18 11:34:46 UTC  

Ditsem! @crazyBoer, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-18 11:35:17 UTC  

the CAD files are so people with machines to do metal working can potentially make any part for any gun

2018-07-18 11:35:30 UTC  

it then comes down to your material acquisition and skill

2018-07-18 11:36:03 UTC  

his CNC mill finishes the lowers of firearms from 80% blocks

2018-07-18 11:36:31 UTC  

he also was able to make 3-D printed magazines for AR-15 and AKs