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Hello and greetings from Canada

Thank you for having me on this server

Be watchful of defcad in August

Guy in the US won his case to publish CAD files for firearms

More to be added in he future

Files will be available in August

I don’t know what the laws on part acquisitions in SA are but this would be a game changer

Especially as it pertains to gun control and self defence

What part of the firearm is considered the “gun” itself in SA?

In the US and in Canada just the receiver is the firearm

Everything else can be acquired with out a license or permit in general

In the UK it is the bolt, and trigger mechanism

Or is it the case that in SA every component is regulated?


From what I can find it seems “main firearm component” means the barrel, frame, receiver, slide, bolt or breech-block of a firearm

That is more onerous than what the UK has to deal with


Those CAD files would still be very resourceful for those with the right tools and equipment though

One second

Page 6

Right at the top

Basically under definitions

Further I found more info on a forum on the topic back in 2012

Barrel needs to be registered with your license it seems

Well enjoy the CAD files, for educational purposes

That is stupid

It would be interesting to know those numbers

I imagine some people held back some

Even here in Canada when we had 4-5 million licensed people only half opted in the new licensed system

That was back in the 90s

The RCMP screwed the pooch on the registry as well as half of the data got scrambled

So there are a lot of firearms off the reserve

They aren’t being used in crimes though

More likely to have been tucked away in SA

Depending on the circumstances for each owner at that time

Australia had people burying a lot of guns right before their gun ban

No doubt

The police are generally incompetent or corrupt no matter where you go

They can’t stop firearm smuggling and generally keep what they like

Yeah, I mean I haven’t ever seen advertisements in Canada with regard to firearm rights

Not even in the US the few times I have visited

But saw one very quickly when I visited SA a few years back shortly after leaving the airport heading to Pretoria


We have a small movement here in Canada taking de-activated firearms (AKs, FALs, etc) and restoring them to function

It is getting harder as the authorities realized the the deactivation process was far too lax

So they have stepped it up and did some massive butcher work to deactivate firearms now


There are still plenty of firearms that get smuggled into Canada

Wouldn’t doubt the same happens in SA

They cannot reliably check every sea container that enters the country

Barely 1% are looked at here in Canada or the US

So I can only imagine what happens at the ports elsewhere

A bad situation all around no matter how you slice it

do not give up one inch and do not let them confiscate any private property

it is a death sentence otherwise

A Second Ammendment is no cure to gun control, and no guarantee either. It just makes defending the right to private property (firearms) a little simpler

don't let that stop you from owning firearms to defend yourself and your loved ones with

again, don't let that stop you

own what you have to own to protect yourself and those you love

no one does

but we don't go about life only dealing with things we want

it isn't much of a civil war if the populace is disarmed

that is called a genocide

only he doesn't want a lead wall impeding that

coward yes, drooling retard? not quite


we don't have a second ammendment

and that doesn't stop people from owning what they want

I posted this yesterday, but this may help change some things

the files go online in August

great for any machinist looking for a "weekend project"

the website is owned by an American who recently won a case against the US Federal Gov't

that allows him to publish those files

he was the same person that created the first working 3-D printed gun

that was in 2012/2013 I believe

he even is having his cnc mill put online for anyone looking to build it

it finishes 80% lowers for AR-15/10, 1911s, and soon Glocks

he may also have plans for the M9 Beretta it seems

interesting how he also has CAD files for the VZ.58

who knows

maybe we'll see FALs on there soon

they are working on making CAD files for a lot of firearms

the CAD files are so people with machines to do metal working can potentially make any part for any gun

it then comes down to your material acquisition and skill

his CNC mill finishes the lowers of firearms from 80% blocks

he also was able to make 3-D printed magazines for AR-15 and AKs

ofcourse you don't necessarily need the very expensive machinary to do the job

but it makes it easier

there have been other successful 3-D printed guns that are quite innovative

there has been a 3-D metal printed gun


was expensive for the company but it works just as any other 1911


Here are the CAD files for firearms from Defense Distributed.

For all those hobbyists out there

maybe some day

Can't stop the signal

Disregard ban, acquire anti-material rifles

To Blair who is reading all of this

Go fuck your self

Tell Trudeau I said hi

Especially with a cactus

The Canada General you mean?

I’m still in there

It’s dead in there

unfortunately the gun lobby has been very ineffectual

and they don't condone any explicit non-compliance talk on their facebook group

ended up in a private conversation with their moderators and asked them "so what do you tell people when the gov't come for everyone's guns by law? hand them in and wait for the laws to make it all legal again?"

"since you'd have to keep touting the 'legal gun owner' line to keep your righteous superiority"

"lot of good that'll help you when the gov't takes everything"

I guess they just know that they can't really achieve anything

so they'll do all that they can for as long as they can

while collecting that revenue

spoke with my local gunsmith today

a lot stores/businesses are puking into the toilet since yesterday

send us that which is now considered Satan's tools

primarily AKs

preferably not in 5.45

Stalinist work being done

Doug Ford needs to do more than just talk

he should tell Captain Sunshine and those in Ottawa to shove it

and tell him the Ontario gov't rejects his law in its entirety and will not enforce any such law

and follow through on it

otherwise he is just a wind bag for political clout

a simpler time

this is why him wagging his finger at Captain Sunshine is pointless

while he is wagging fingers at the protesters as well

Now for people to work on improving the design

well they can fuck off

"My rights are not up for discussion, let alone a vote." - Michael Malice

that petition doubled

What’s interesting is that 1923 got a response and 2341 got fuck and all response

They’re just ignoring us completely

They’ll ignore it

>accidentally banned 12 gauge and 10 gauge shotguns

Well it inadvertently got the fudds to get into a hissy fit

You’ve got 9 hours left EST

Basically RCMP will enforce OIC in spite of Bill Blair stating otherwise that 10 and 12 gauge are legally fine to own and use

I'd disagree that Lincoln wanted people to have guns

he violated the 2nd Amendment plenty

among other things

there is another petition that has 30k signatures

worded a little differently

was so close to ordering one

imagine if this petition managed to hit 1 million signatures?

all verified, not bot/duplicated

East of Toronto along Lake Ontario

Beat the last one big time

175310 was e-2341

If they just deleted all that registry data (which would be the greatest blunder on their part) then there is only one way to verify it. Ask for copies of all registration certificates on file for your license. If they don’t send you anything that was previously restricted and is now prohib. It’ll either verify that stupidity or they’re keeping that list of ownership separate and will use it to follow up with buy-back/grandfathering.

Hopefully the former. Then it just means we lucked out on their stupidity. Don’t go blabbing too loud if they actually did though. Keep that shit on the down low.

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