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Americans forced Smith to surrender, he was hell bent on continuing fighting. Henry Kisinger.

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a true representation of sa whites

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@Karooboer switzerland played a big role in getting other countries to sanction SA. Israel supplied us with military stuf all troughout,even tho they were said to have stopped in the late 80's,but the jews don't say no to money 😂

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@plasma we also have wash outs

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@plasma hate those guys

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why doesnt @Willem Petzer make gangster rap music?

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@Karooboer i find them absolutely fucking ridiculous i love it

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Israel supplied us with the first ever drone that we used in the bush war

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@Gonzo If we gonna go on the jew topics the jews fucked us six love during apartheid

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Israeli Zionist jews are better than the others that blend in with the the "fellow" whites

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Lol oubaas se kind dai mos

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@Dewald whats up with the Jew hating? Yes they have crooks amongst them but overall I like Israel

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@Karooboer I love israel

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Just hate how hypocritical jews are in other western countries

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I wasnt hating. Just mentioned that israel still supplied us even tho others sanctioned us

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Switzerland pressured others to do the same.

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@Dewald now I am confused. @Gonzo ya thats were them lovely Galils came from and the nukes

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@Karooboer My first message says that Israeli jews are better than the snakes that chill in western society

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Apparently our nukes were disasembled 89 and bought by david cameron to take to Uk. Should try and find that article.

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Is everyone currently speaking Afrikaans?

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Lets continue the convo in our mother tongue then in <#468396085421932544>

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Fuck this soutie lingo

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My fingers kramp al van al die ingels praat

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The Rivonia Trial was named after Rivonia, the suburb of Johannesburg where leaders had been arrested (and documents discovered) at Liliesleaf Farm, privately owned by Arthur Goldreich, on 11 July 1963. The farm had been used as a hideout for the African National Congress and others. Among others, Nelson Mandela had moved onto the farm in October 1961 and evaded security police while masquerading as a gardener and cook called David Motsamayi (meaning "the walker").

Arrested were:

Nelson Mandela
Walter Sisulu
Govan Mbeki
Raymond Mhlaba
Andrew Mlangeni
Elias Motsoaledi, trade union and ANC member
Ahmed Kathrada
Denis Goldberg, a Cape Town engineer and leader of the Congress of Democrats
Lionel "Rusty" Bernstein, architect and member of the South African Communist Party (SACP)
Bob Hepple
Arthur Goldreich
Harold Wolpe, prominent attorney and activist
James "Jimmy" Kantor, brother-in-law of Harold Wolpe

and others.

Goldberg, Bernstein, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jewish South Africans;

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Join ons deur op <#468396085421932544> te click

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all my cultural understanding about SA city life comes from this video you guys are fuckin animals there

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@Karooboer why so quiet ?

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@plasma ya thats about right

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nee = no

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@plasma you done self promoting?

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i want to promo a SA company for 1 rand. I charge 50usd a month,