Message from Piesangslaai in Willem Petzer Live Chat #general

2018-08-05 14:34:25 UTC  

But it's all fixed property

2018-08-05 14:35:05 UTC  

This guy is a limp wristed numale

2018-08-05 14:35:29 UTC  

Have never heard any boer talk like this guy ever

2018-08-05 14:35:36 UTC  

@Piesangslaai stop bagging him out, he's just scared of what's coming ahead

2018-08-05 14:35:43 UTC  

If we made an effort we could secure US citizenship by way of investment I guess, but it's up to the old man of the house what the next move is.

2018-08-05 14:36:38 UTC  

US is suffering with immigration issues, they're NOT gonna consider you

2018-08-05 14:36:59 UTC  

Go live in Sweden, you will fight right in

2018-08-05 14:37:01 UTC  

Australia had discussions to bring you guys here, but leftists are calling these plans "racist"

2018-08-05 14:37:10 UTC  

and it ended up getting shut down

2018-08-05 14:37:28 UTC  

@Arkator7 Yeah it's gonna have to be investment visas or bust, mate.

2018-08-05 14:37:32 UTC  

fit right in*

2018-08-05 14:37:55 UTC  

@Arcade_Hustle practically no one that has ties with the world's sickness will make a move that is deemed "racist"

2018-08-05 14:38:19 UTC  

@Arkator7 believe US requirement is $500k minimum or something like that, every country has a set amount.

2018-08-05 14:38:33 UTC  

you have $500k?

2018-08-05 14:38:48 UTC  

Owning farms is not the same as being a farmer.

2018-08-05 14:39:00 UTC  

@Arkator7 who dosnt

2018-08-05 14:39:08 UTC  

I don't

2018-08-05 14:39:08 UTC  

Ditsem! @Arkator7, you just advanced to level 2!

2018-08-05 14:39:14 UTC  

@Arkator7 Family does, yeah, around $3m in assets, but yeah, window of liquidation is closing I think.

2018-08-05 14:39:23 UTC  


2018-08-05 14:39:49 UTC  

There we go. Rich little boy who probably never drove a tractor in his life.

2018-08-05 14:40:47 UTC  

@Arcade_Hustle I understand that there's very little insight on economics on your part. But as soon as the announcement of "expropriation without compensation" is out, the window is gone

2018-08-05 14:41:01 UTC  

It's gone alreayd

2018-08-05 14:41:04 UTC  


2018-08-05 14:41:11 UTC  

no one is going to buy a farm now

2018-08-05 14:41:17 UTC  

It's common sense

2018-08-05 14:41:24 UTC  

nobody has been buying farms for a while...

2018-08-05 14:41:25 UTC  

@Arkator7 You'd be surprised, we still bought 3 bulls last week.

2018-08-05 14:41:29 UTC  

Unless they have inside info or connections with the ANC

2018-08-05 14:41:34 UTC  

Trade is still going on

2018-08-05 14:41:43 UTC  

If you can get something for $0, you will not spend an ounce more

2018-08-05 14:41:43 UTC  

Or 2 weeks ago sorry*

2018-08-05 14:41:46 UTC  
2018-08-05 14:42:40 UTC  

Why buy any assets when they can just get siezed? are you going to slaughter them all if they sieze them?

2018-08-05 14:42:41 UTC  

Trading in livestock is not the same as buying land (which the ANC wants to confiscate)

2018-08-05 14:43:20 UTC  

@The Fleeb I don't know, mate.

2018-08-05 14:44:05 UTC  

@Arcade_Hustle gimme a cow bro

2018-08-05 14:44:16 UTC  
2018-08-05 14:44:37 UTC  

You are literally a "hensopper". The fight has not even started and this guy already surrendered

2018-08-05 14:45:44 UTC  

maybe he's one of renaldo's dogs

2018-08-05 14:45:52 UTC  

I think he is