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2018-03-18 21:43:15 UTC  

That's more than enough. Much more than most do.

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the western world doesn't observe that whites are a global minority

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Thanks, bot.

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2018-03-18 21:44:23 UTC  

for now the leftist anti-white rhetoric still reigns supreme in the public sphere - the light at the end of the tunnel, in my opinion, is that people are catching on

2018-03-18 21:44:49 UTC  

People are definitely waking up

2018-03-18 21:44:51 UTC  

GenZ is starting to look like they might be pretty redpilled compared to Millennials and GenX

2018-03-18 21:45:02 UTC  

I'm GenX and I woke up - that's a hell of a thing

2018-03-18 21:45:08 UTC  

My generation is the worst

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2018-03-18 21:45:29 UTC  

Millenials have had the worst of the brain washing

2018-03-18 21:45:39 UTC  

I'm old enough to remember before it got bad

2018-03-18 21:45:46 UTC  

this is part of why I broke conditioning

2018-03-18 21:45:57 UTC  

I grew up when you could go outside unsupervised

2018-03-18 21:46:01 UTC  

I had to solve my own problems

2018-03-18 21:46:11 UTC  

I never deferred to authority the way millennials do

2018-03-18 21:46:18 UTC  

fifferent mind set

2018-03-18 21:46:35 UTC  

I was really Liberal until 2015. I thought Conservatives were racist my whole life. Didn't give them any thought. Then I took that red pill.

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2018-03-18 21:47:05 UTC  

I voted liberal my whole life - Trump came along and for some reason I started to see things clearly

2018-03-18 21:47:14 UTC  

it was the Cologne rape attacks that did it for me

2018-03-18 21:47:24 UTC  

plus the Trump triggering

2018-03-18 21:47:35 UTC  

the great meme war of 2016 was fucking epic

2018-03-18 21:47:36 UTC  

I can't believe I wanted Obama in 2008....

2018-03-18 21:47:53 UTC  

it's okay - I voted for Bill Clinton and Al Gore

2018-03-18 21:47:59 UTC  

we all do embarrassing bullshit

2018-03-18 21:48:16 UTC  

The meme war definitely effected the election. Fucking pepe was on the news lmfao

2018-03-18 21:48:32 UTC  

I'm going to write up a draft of talking points for a video on South Africa today

2018-03-18 21:48:37 UTC  

maybe record audio tonight or something

2018-03-18 21:48:54 UTC  

That sounds great!

2018-03-18 21:49:02 UTC  

yo, I never gave two shits about 4chan or edgelord culture until 2016

2018-03-18 21:49:02 UTC  

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I'll spam it to my followers

2018-03-18 21:49:16 UTC  

Almost 9500 now

2018-03-18 21:49:33 UTC  

incidentally, my YouTube handle is also ecce_lux

2018-03-18 21:50:08 UTC  

I was going to Chinese fireawll my online life and my real life - I ended up with a bunch of accounts with various handles

2018-03-18 21:50:12 UTC  

kinda lame, I guess

2018-03-18 21:50:30 UTC  

Luckily I live in Tampa so it's easier to spread a lot of awareness physically