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I think the easiest way to fix this would be to help whites get out of South Africa, whether that'd be a government program or a private company Idk.

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lets call in the boyz

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follow me on twitter

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Guys this is serious

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i just rt

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Congratulations, @MNM1O1 you are now at level 1

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Yauy I feel slightly accomplished! <:Feelsgoodman:424558571024285696>

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Yeah more slaughter won't help ~~neither will blatant racism~~

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Congratulations, @ADHD you are now at level 3

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That's a good way to get the movement defamed as racist & fascist

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i dont think you checked my twitter like i asked you

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*and we all know the liberals control the world now*

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No I didn't

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That doesn't change anything

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>proud fascist

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Don't make us all look like fascist idiots because you get a kick out of it, this is serious.

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Stop reeeing and calm down

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Stop bluhing and pay attention

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Are you looking for a threat? Sorry, I'm not enough of a dick to threaten you over a small disagreement.

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My gosh someone delete that.

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Why did you post that??? I am confuzz???

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@Buddy Hobbs is an admin

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Spam and redpill all pols and social media platforms. You kikes will feel the incoming forth Reich. Just sit there and be quiet alright )ew.

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*assumption of race*

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*I am triggered*

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We need to get white ppl out of there, but one of the problems is that most don't want to give up their land and property they worked so hard for to establish.

2018-03-19 19:25:12 UTC  

Even with re-segregation there will be racial conflict there.