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We need to get Trump to at least put sanctions on South Africa, the best way to make this happen would probably be to spam 4chan /pol/ I'd imagine.

Yeah but then all the other africans will start slaughtering white people.

Ya boy Russia can actually take that kind of sh*t seriously.

*looks at the emojis* Only two Pepes? C'mon we can do better than this.

I think the easiest way to fix this would be to help whites get out of South Africa, whether that'd be a government program or a private company Idk.

Yauy I feel slightly accomplished! <:Feelsgoodman:424558571024285696>

My gosh someone delete that.

We'd need a country willing to negotiate the segregation(like the USA for example), I doubt the South African government will listen to the white minority seeing as they're stealing their(The white's) land away.

True, so is charity and helping them out of the country the most we can do right now?

11 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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