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Rip constantinople

if someone has the time could they write a good copypasta essay of why the holocausts is a lie?

citing alot of evidence that is undeniable

that 2k must be his victims

2018-03-13 03:59:08 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

2018-03-13 03:59:36 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

hi everyone

2018-03-13 03:59:39 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

my name is freddy

2018-03-13 03:59:42 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Freddy freaker

2018-03-13 03:59:56 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]

2018-03-13 04:00:14 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]

2018-03-13 04:00:21 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]

2018-03-13 04:00:28 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]

2018-03-13 04:00:52 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

Whos "the traditional revolutionary" on steam

2018-03-13 04:00:53 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

in here

2018-03-13 04:01:34 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

its you

2018-03-13 04:01:36 UTC [BasedGaming.JPG #general]  

gay boy

i got a question fellas

whats stopping us from flying to africa armed for bear and slaughtering the niggers

>south africa

/k doesnt fear nigg laws

we need to


then we call in the big dog

V L A D D y

stop slaughter by cutting the head off the snake

lets call in the boyz

follow me on twitter

i dont think you checked my twitter like i asked you

>proud fascist

Stop reeeing and calm down

Fuck you for coming online @Bland and Unoriginal Person

check your steam messages

i will invert his ribcage

i will boil your teeth 187

listen here


moon man is a cuck

i bet he doesnt even know a martial art

i know the art of sambo

get on my level

lasagna garlic bread time


have you ever seen a negro work

much less farm?

i bet you sucked off a horse

gay ass nigga

my family OWNS horses


of mount and blade north and south

he probably was

here is his yt

this is a poo ass nigga

excuse me

they are thirsty

in atlanta

and their beverages

are in texarkana

and their beverage of choice is beer

the boys are thirsty in atlanta

and there is beer in texarkana

i guess you didnt watch smokey and the bandit

you dumber than charles II of spain

its not that hard

we got a long way to go

and a short time to get there

am i not your friend?

what changed since last night

are you mad i got red dead redemption 2?

are you retarded @Deleted User

it says right there

yeah whatever retard

it says charles

i can see why you have the role of <@&490589050512605205>

<@&490589045941075978> how autistic can someone before you do something?

sorry tyrone fucked your mom

dont take it out on me

i could drop facts on you right now

but im watching karate kid 2

so suck my asshole

keep talking

this aint it chief

well looks like you are the one who cant fight my facts

enjoy the block

if you wanna argue,then argue

i checked my roles

i still dont have it

i dont live in a village

i live in a town

god your brain must be fucking liquid

looks like we have a history professor in here

a know it all

the russians easily loose moscow

and they just burn it down so the enemy cant have it

this dude is so fucking dense


dont bother

this dumbass is thicker than an earthwork wall

heres a naked pic of me

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) stop talking to that thot and come talk to us

@Alpaca13 you ate all the donuts homer


i love my hat

@everyone im gonna shoot yall

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) if you dont get in here i will snipe you

!play west virginia

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) join or we will leave you behind

get back in here bongo

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) if you dont join vc this will happen to your kids

!play jellyfish jam earrape

!Play jellyfish jam earrape 1 hour

everyone in here is a major pussy

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