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2017-02-01 02:14:27 UTC  

I met an argentine sailor who was white and his family owns a ranch and are all white

2017-02-01 02:14:59 UTC  

I wouldn't mind retiring to Argentina

2017-02-01 02:16:00 UTC  

> when it's been snowing hard af all day but it's 33 degrees so there's just massive piles of slush all over the freight yard and your feet hurt

2017-02-01 02:23:04 UTC  


2017-02-01 02:23:08 UTC  

got thermal socks son?

2017-02-01 02:23:57 UTC  


2017-02-01 02:25:17 UTC  

Yeah I'm good on cold weather gear but my job involves intensive physical activity and then long periods of standing around

2017-02-01 02:25:39 UTC  

It's a hard thing to balance

2017-02-01 02:26:34 UTC  

I remember once working 10 straight days with only 6 hours off to sleep. It was wet, cold and miserable. Our feet were trashed. It was ugly.

2017-02-01 02:26:42 UTC  

@Asgardian117 knows what I'm talking about.

2017-02-01 02:26:49 UTC  

U get alllll Fucking sweaty....and then go to a cold stop. That BLOWS

2017-02-01 02:26:50 UTC  

6 hours per night, not total.

2017-02-01 02:27:15 UTC  

But yeah wives were bringing us socks, and I must have gone through 15 bottles of foot powder trying to stay dry.

2017-02-01 02:28:29 UTC  

Yes that's miserable Ken.

2017-02-01 02:28:48 UTC  

My fingers hurt.

2017-02-01 02:29:19 UTC  

I broke out for 5 hours today!

2017-02-01 02:31:01 UTC  

3 feet of reinforced concrete 👌🏻

2017-02-01 02:32:05 UTC  

I wear a mouth piece when I do that

2017-02-01 02:33:59 UTC  

Oh man. How does this Discord know I'm playing Mass Effect 3?

2017-02-01 02:34:08 UTC  

This is some kind of witchcraft.

2017-02-01 02:34:13 UTC  

It says it on ur status lol

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2017-02-01 02:34:35 UTC  

No can know about these gainz, nor my relationship simulator. No one.

2017-02-01 02:34:36 UTC  

The NOSE Knows

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2017-02-01 02:38:22 UTC  

Wtf is that lol

2017-02-01 02:42:00 UTC  

dude jihadi jesus

2017-02-01 02:42:12 UTC  

from HWNDU

2017-02-01 02:42:17 UTC  

link for timestamp

2017-02-01 02:43:34 UTC  

he's been doing great work at HWNDU

2017-02-01 02:51:49 UTC  

Every night I watch White Genocide talking points come out of Tucker's mouth.

Its almost time for me to hang it up.

2017-02-01 02:59:34 UTC  

I work 12 hours a day split into 6 hour shifts, every day I'm on the ship. No weekend no holiday.

2017-02-01 03:01:02 UTC  

So when a trip goes long it becomes a real grind

2017-02-01 03:11:26 UTC  

Jesus Christ

2017-02-01 03:11:57 UTC  

@everyone i'm chillin up in dis black mouths blabber

2017-02-01 03:12:40 UTC  

I can't, I'm huddled under a rain shelter with the 1st officer.

2017-02-01 03:12:44 UTC