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2017-02-01 23:58:21 UTC  

Mexico's back is to the wall, literally and figuratively. We better get the wall built before they go full-on 1910 Revolution

2017-02-01 23:58:51 UTC  

Else millions of poor spics will be slinking up here for handouts or thievery

2017-02-02 01:12:12 UTC  

Trump is shutting down federal information programs that target white nationalists and redirecting all of the resources towards looking at muslims.

2017-02-02 01:15:53 UTC  

If you want to troll on that topic, here is a jew-journalist tweeting about it:

2017-02-02 01:22:36 UTC  

Can someone help me out?

2017-02-02 01:58:58 UTC  

what fantastic news, Trump is exceeding expectations daily

2017-02-02 02:12:47 UTC  

Liberals are beside themselves to find a way to up their rhetoric from "LITERALLY HITLER"

2017-02-02 02:13:04 UTC  

and the only thing they are coming up with is "we need to physically attack nazis!"

2017-02-02 02:13:19 UTC  

"and all Trump supporters are nazis!"

2017-02-02 02:13:36 UTC  

which is awesome for us. I'm wringing my hands like a jew and cackling at the possibilities

2017-02-02 02:16:14 UTC  

opportunity to redpill some niggas on jewish slave trade:

2017-02-02 02:19:06 UTC  

Guys its going crazy down here

2017-02-02 02:19:36 UTC  

I had work and couldnt go, but we have goys down there

2017-02-02 02:22:34 UTC

2017-02-02 02:39:30 UTC  

I hoe our goys stay safe down there

2017-02-02 02:39:34 UTC  


2017-02-02 02:39:53 UTC  

we're reaching the tipping point

2017-02-02 02:40:50 UTC  

Once again Leftist violence is only targeted at Lefty institutions.

2017-02-02 02:43:32 UTC  

do we have any good goy institutions?

2017-02-02 02:43:44 UTC  

the gym

2017-02-02 02:43:49 UTC  

gun ranges

2017-02-02 02:44:14 UTC  

not really places you want to attack if all you've got is a lighter and starbucks cup

2017-02-02 02:48:28 UTC  


2017-02-02 02:49:44 UTC  

The shot at Spencer is hopefully the last free shot we give them

2017-02-02 02:58:05 UTC  

Where is the tear gas?! Dammit, these hippies need watering

2017-02-02 04:28:15 UTC  

Any truth to the rumors on 4chan that people have been killed in the riots already?

2017-02-02 04:40:40 UTC  

Don't know about killed, but here's a webm of one of the attacks @Spengler

2017-02-02 04:41:03 UTC  


2017-02-02 04:46:33 UTC  

@everyone mad peepooz online ryte now, i'm up in dis chat jus chillin son

2017-02-02 04:47:37 UTC  

It's great that Milo is now a nazi after all the effort he made to distance himself from us

2017-02-02 04:48:20 UTC  


2017-02-02 04:48:51 UTC  

give me one sec, gonna fix it

2017-02-02 04:49:16 UTC  

gonna sign in and out real quick, this is weird

2017-02-02 04:49:17 UTC  

that is hilarious

2017-02-02 04:49:18 UTC