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wtf is that

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how does that work

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that played while i was at work the other day

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negros aren't heroes

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Well some cities, like Boston, don't use a grid system as much, which makes accidents more likely. There are a lot of variables

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it takes him

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We're just having our standard fuck party that we hold once a month

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@Myne1001 git in voice chat u marsupial nigger

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no u

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i am nigguh

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no drugs no condoms no attitude

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STOP lol

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this is why we cant have nice things

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@JohnnyMonoxide dont ruin the fun brah

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br br br br br br?

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oh shit i meant @c6%G

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weeeeeeeeeeanus peanus

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Dammit d'marcus you're harshing my confirmation bias

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Although I suspect my own theory because.I think spics are the worstest drivers

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@Bero <:migeneral:285538426587971595>

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behead those who insult dingoes

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i wish i was a dingo

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My voice is acting up, but I got hit a couple years ago by this beaner who turned left on green. Had his nephew in the car. Driving without a license. Sued me for the kid's injury when it was his fault, but the kid wasn't hurt. He was born pigeon road and they used this as excuse. Insurance payed them a few thousand bucks to go away

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Pigeon toed*

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Fuckin Mexicans

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that sucks @Kaiser Dishelm, i thought you were saying before that spics didn't have a negative impact on what cities are dangerous to drive in, which seemed suspect to me

2017-03-08 05:09:47 UTC  

shit ton of illegal drivers in a lot of cities, and they always get in accidents

2017-03-08 05:10:48 UTC  

No no I suspect they're worse than blacks. But I have special resentment for illegals because they're everywhere. Blacks are easily avoidable

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I think blacks are probably slightly worse