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2017-03-06 18:31:32 UTC  

its indictment of women however is spot-on

2017-03-06 18:31:33 UTC  

Women are more apolitical than mens

2017-03-06 18:31:49 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:34:16 UTC  

@Miomio they vote based on trends however, and they do vote. Worse than their influence weakens men.

2017-03-06 18:34:24 UTC  

I'm inclined to disagree, actually. Save for one point.

2017-03-06 18:34:29 UTC  

Privatize everything, ban taxes

2017-03-06 18:34:34 UTC  

Taxation is theft

2017-03-06 18:34:35 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:34:50 UTC  

Molom Labe

2017-03-06 18:34:55 UTC  

See, there's a point of no return. The moment you drink the cool aid, on whatever side, and just believe everything that your trusted group says to you you've become a sheep.

2017-03-06 18:34:58 UTC  

No matter what your stance.

2017-03-06 18:34:59 UTC  

No taxes fixes the female problem instantly

2017-03-06 18:35:02 UTC  

no state to run to

2017-03-06 18:35:09 UTC  

women will never do this regardless of trends because they have a net gain in money from taxes as a whole

2017-03-06 18:35:18 UTC  

Abolish the state

2017-03-06 18:35:29 UTC  

Full anarchocap

2017-03-06 18:35:33 UTC  

it doesnt fix their influence problem though. Imo mothers have a deminishing return after the kid can survive long hunts.

2017-03-06 18:35:37 UTC  

Abolish minimum fucking wage

2017-03-06 18:35:47 UTC  

Prices would be so fucking low

2017-03-06 18:36:14 UTC  

If some dickhole company sells their shit at a high price, a consumer boycott will rape them

2017-03-06 18:36:31 UTC  

>no taxes
But how state will be even exist without taxes?

2017-03-06 18:36:32 UTC  

Price fixing is actually still a big issue

2017-03-06 18:36:34 UTC  

boycott meme is a good one

2017-03-06 18:36:45 UTC  

Nuh. You can't immediately drop it, or immediately raise it. That shit has to b e gradual Casimir.

2017-03-06 18:36:47 UTC  

the free market will fix the price fixing issue

2017-03-06 18:37:02 UTC  

it assumes there is a racial composition with an IQ that can conceptualize the point of a boycott

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC  

No government borders, only OUR borders. Will it work?

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC  

Novolog and humalog up their prices 3% at regular intervals

2017-03-06 18:37:03 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:37:09 UTC  

Freer the market the freer the people

2017-03-06 18:37:14 UTC  

"ok EVERYONE agree we sell rune scims for 32k not a penny less OK"

2017-03-06 18:37:18 UTC  

"Muh freemarket" is not the solution to everything numbnuts

2017-03-06 18:37:19 UTC  
2017-03-06 18:37:19 UTC  


2017-03-06 18:37:30 UTC  

That's the thing with Trusts

2017-03-06 18:37:38 UTC  

Consumers will decide the price of things

2017-03-06 18:37:40 UTC  

Yes, because doesn't everyone love fucking toll roads everywhere?

2017-03-06 18:37:41 UTC  

no borders = end of society

2017-03-06 18:37:42 UTC  

They trust eachother to not drop prices

2017-03-06 18:37:44 UTC  

@Miomio So we need taxes

2017-03-06 18:37:47 UTC