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maybe 3 will improve the quality

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Is that what the kids are calling ADD meds these days?

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Dysengea she has her own website.

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swedish feminazis are telling rapeniggers to pls go

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and dont come to Europe

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@Gray mmmm

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>I arrived at the White House Press Briefing Room on Friday and was simply standing in line for the bathroom. I was accosted by Fox’s Jon Decker, who loudly informed the entire room that I hate blacks, women, Hispanics, Jews, and other minorities. I was astounded.
>Decker then blocked me from entering the rest room. He physically cornered me.
>I took a few steps back, at which point he began asking, “Who is Pepe?”
>At this point, things turned ugly. Mr. Decker grabbed my arm in a very aggressive manner, and loudly informed the roomful of MSM journalists that I was “anti-black, anti-Jew, anti-woman” and writing for a Nazi publication.

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Is Lauren southern a Jew

2017-03-12 06:20:04 UTC  

no, she made a video about genetics

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that's a sperg narrative

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I think so yes, she's pro holocaust narrative.

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fucking everybody who's not full nazi is pro holocaust narrative

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said her grandparents lost everything due to the holocaust.

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a lot of non jews lost everything

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she's prob getting reparations

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some polish guy in my circles says his grandmother was in a camp

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my grandad was gased 8 times, its no joke!

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(says she didn't see gas chambers, but the jews kept trying to steal her bread)

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the nazi's killed about 9 to 12 million lice.

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they used zyklon b to fumigate the parasites infesting the clothing worn by jewish prisoners

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what a shoah.

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@YUGE post a couple monkey bar

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need it

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heres a better reso for you whitaker

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