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I'm descended from Prussians

Dammit you win

After Hitler escaped to Antarctica?

I did it... for... DIVERSITY!!!

Enf! Enf! Enf!


Idk I'm totally fine with the first one tbh

OK I really really need the latter then


Anybody seen my friend Kyle? He's about thiiiiiis tall. See Kyle?

yo which one are you


i hate niggers



Email: [email protected]
Gab: cassandros

no, she made a video about genetics

that's a sperg narrative

fucking everybody who's not full nazi is pro holocaust narrative

a lot of non jews lost everything

some polish guy in my circles says his grandmother was in a camp

(says she didn't see gas chambers, but the jews kept trying to steal her bread)

they used zyklon b to fumigate the parasites infesting the clothing worn by jewish prisoners

why is it reciting the text chats in a robot voice, why did that start happening

Anybody going to one of these?

"if you Jews keep that up, people will start noticing"

"it's news, but it's not news-news-news-news"

Communism Kills is my favorite AshkeNazi

I literally worship a Jew

Christianity is too weak to fight the Jews. We need to bring back a religion that was weak enough to be exterminated by Christianity.


I also regularly put the body of this Jew into my mouth, and then I swallow

10/10 would wife

oh yeah i should do that because now i have moar money

my dad is pureblood prussian

bite me fagit

mom was quarter german and half dutch, and dutch is pretty close to german

prussians are the master aryans

fiery red, in my dad's case

gingers made the best berserkers

we wuz vikangz

nanners do you have any ginger blood?

full ginger or a carrier?

ok so you're a carrier

one quarter of our kids would be gingers fyi



thots destroy everything

i should visit germany


i think

so we can take it back

just start talking about something else

you know you enjoy the thirstposting

every girl is born with the seeds of thottery

dammit you're right

i should follow the rules because prussian

wait the rules only say notable figures

I want to white-knight for her

"technically jewish but wants to be a nazi" = communismkills

i hear she fucks neo-nazis

and gets sad that they don't like her because jew

ok but neither is wyatt so

this is like dropping a cat with toast strapped to its back




Also Grieg

@SledgeHammer New York City

is there a good livestream?

has the Violence started?

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