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@everyone aight nigguz time 2 git up n dis herr voice channoo

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Steve King on Tucker RIGHT NOW: Birthrates in Western Civilization countries is down and we need to increase with our people, not people outside of our civ

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oh wow cant wait to watch

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immigration isn't adequate solution because a nation needs people with common heritage, common culture, etc.

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We've phased out assimilation and replaced it with multiculturalism is our strength

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holy shit

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2017 is so good.

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@weev I LOVE YOU

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Tucker says he's right, but is there a racial component

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Cum on me Steve king

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@Convo white power

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hi weev

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@wyatt get in voice

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i want to ask you about stephen king

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Can't cash out right now

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@wyatt okay

can you write?

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Kings gives kind of a side-stepping cucky answer. Saying race doesn't matter as long as have same beliefs, language, culture

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I wanna know if there is a downside to Stephen going onto live primetime tv to talk about the importance of whtie demographic decline and birhtrate lowering

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Dude he just literally stole shit word for word from spencer

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This is a passing of the rubicon for the republican party

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Plays a clip of Ryan denouncing the Tweet

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@wyatt even blackpillmerchant says its good news

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voice is saying that since you say its good it must be bad

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since you're always wrong

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King says Paul Ryan is an open borders advocate, King says if we do that we will become a third world country

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King full on cucks on race, says it's all about culture. Still better than every other congressman

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got a link to King saying that of Ryan @SwiFT

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Voice can munch my buttmuff tbh. U guys should be celebrating this nigger just called for a 50 year immigration ban. And is basically using word for word Spencer's talking points on nation and identity.

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@wyatt convo wants to talk to you about this

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Too bad I'm in a closet sized hotel with my parents I'm not going to explain this in front of them

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz I was watching it live on FoxJews. Can probably find a YouTube livestream on The_Donald that you could rewind

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@wyatt its okay wyatt I trust you and like your opinions on things

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they werent talking shit or anything, it was a joke when they said you were always wrong

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cool guy

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we're concerned that we agree with you @wyatt