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2017-03-23 23:13:02 UTC  

>Louise Menche thinking that Putin had Breitbart killed so Steve Bannon could turn it into his personal Nazi website.

2017-03-23 23:13:17 UTC  

>Louise Menche is crazier than Alex Jones

2017-03-23 23:14:02 UTC  

Louise Mensch is the GOPe's version of Sinead

2017-03-23 23:16:10 UTC  

by that do you mean that she's perfection as well

2017-03-23 23:16:50 UTC

2017-03-23 23:17:48 UTC  


2017-03-23 23:25:08 UTC  

We washed ourselves in niggers blood and all the mongrels too

2017-03-23 23:25:33 UTC  

Taking down the zog machine jew by jew by jew

2017-03-23 23:25:40 UTC  

The white man marches on

2017-03-23 23:38:57 UTC  

thats disgusting

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2017-03-23 23:43:34 UTC  

that anglo is really attractive

2017-03-23 23:43:41 UTC  


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2017-03-23 23:46:16 UTC  

are they going to bust richard spencer

2017-03-23 23:51:26 UTC  

What would they bust him for?

2017-03-23 23:52:00 UTC  


2017-03-23 23:52:41 UTC  

but Id like to know why this suddenly started popping up today

2017-03-23 23:52:46 UTC  

lol axtualky

2017-03-23 23:52:50 UTC  

is it a hoax, or are they actually going to try soemthnig

2017-03-23 23:53:02 UTC  

with someone

2017-03-23 23:53:36 UTC  


2017-03-23 23:54:43 UTC  

I sure hope it's a howx

2017-03-23 23:55:14 UTC  

people in that treah are saying 8chan and stormfront

2017-03-23 23:55:27 UTC  

brb i have to DINGO DROP

2017-03-23 23:55:27 UTC  

it would be kinda funny if they went for stormfront of all things

2017-03-23 23:56:23 UTC  

@everyone dis chat be bumpin son, git up n dis shiet

2017-03-23 23:58:49 UTC  

false alarm?

2017-03-23 23:59:28 UTC  

Lol, if they shut down Jones he's gonna do some McVeigh tier shit.

2017-03-24 00:00:07 UTC  

I wonder how all the shit libs that love RT feel about them being "far right" news.

2017-03-24 00:00:42 UTC  

Yeah i know a lot of shit libs that read RT

2017-03-24 00:01:14 UTC  

Damn I was hoping they were going to try everyone that had ever been on /pol/

2017-03-24 00:01:32 UTC  

8chan could be got because there is CP on there.

2017-03-24 00:02:47 UTC  

I wouldn't be surprised if they went after 8chan to shut up all talk of pizzagate.