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Good lord do nig kikes ever sleep?

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@Eli Mosley Is there news on the Auburn thing?

2017-04-15 12:00:49 UTC  

We're no more at war with nK yet than we we've been for the last many years, from a BOG perspective. Again, if #ItsGoinDownForReal.mp3 then I'll def hit yall up wit stronk af selfies while invading.

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I WILL say that its a bit tense over here as we see the news, reality for us right now is steady state ops. That said, the whole mantra here is be ready to Fight Tonight so steady state is pretty much be willing to kill nK at the drop of a hat. Kind of a toss up atm fams.

2017-04-15 12:06:30 UTC  

Good luck sloting Gooks M8

2017-04-15 12:07:06 UTC  

I bet if you stick a bayonet in one you could pick his skinny ass up with your rfile

2017-04-15 12:07:52 UTC  

Antidem is 1/2 Jooooood, i kicked him of the orignalo TRS mumble for being a KIKE! He is also Bariatric!

2017-04-15 12:10:06 UTC  

We have to learn from Trump. Not enough for a leader to take over a party, we must infiltrate at grass roots

2017-04-15 12:11:07 UTC  

T%hey dont have beliefs tjhey have R selectiona nd are united in this

2017-04-15 12:21:12 UTC  

"Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

2017-04-15 12:31:54 UTC  

@everyone did we get or have nuked yet

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Not yet. And we wont nuke nK (likely wont at least). Def drop some heavy fucking ordinance for sure, but not nukes i dont zinc.

2017-04-15 12:44:08 UTC  

I would assume the SK have a shit tone of Arty and MRLS dialled down on the Nork guns around Soul?

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The indirect fire fight is integral to the conduct of large scale warfare. As to specifics, i cannot comment in detail. It would be a safe assumption to say that theres likely a good amount of thought put into mitigating the effects of terrain and distance in the defense of south korea

2017-04-15 12:58:52 UTC  

Of the army's 16 infantry battalions present, four were Scottish units and one was Irish.

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So there's this. Being held by these guys

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They have fucking clandestine commie headquarters... I didn't think things like this existed in the US... l

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im going to DC

2017-04-15 13:14:35 UTC  

gotta protect this smile

2017-04-15 13:14:43 UTC  

Are you? Idk if I'm gonna make it.

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Richard is going?

2017-04-15 13:14:58 UTC  

Yea i just called him

2017-04-15 13:16:39 UTC  

Shit I'll see if I can move my schedule around. What time you plan on getting there?

2017-04-15 13:18:18 UTC  

Should I just bring the AR so we can skip the formalities and just get on with this? Lol

2017-04-15 13:19:32 UTC  

Jk it's a P R A N K

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FBI pls no bully

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Bumping Mr Bond through my apartment complex at 9:30 in the morning on a saturday with nigger neighbors nationalism

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lolz lolz lolz