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Nah KaffeWein is only for brunch on Saturdays fam.

@Vanguard nigga, may need to hit you up here in a bit to talk about some shit.

And im down

@Vanguard nigga hol up im going to the field for like 3 weeks, starting tmw.

Its some semi-real nigga shit. Not yet invading norks but im not sayin im not lol.


Yeah fam honestly concerned that we wont even fight really either and we here right now lol.

Hm. Interdesting

............. lol


@Vanguard lol
TFW they know their place.


Yeah minorities are the best reason to support abortion up to three years after birth.

Vail Hictory


TFW torn. OTOH, i hate minorities and imports. OTOH, i dont think women should enjoy things so FGM is clearly part of white sharia.

Hopefully this next week.

Tmw will be interesting

National celebration in nK, they celebrate with fireworks. Lately its been the nuclear kind at various test sites. Tfw they moved a nuke device to their test site recently. Tfw tmw may detonate. If detonate tmw, how does world react (specifically Chyna and DJT).

Tfw i might get the chance to invade a country, like my fathers before me.


Good wars are short, short wars are good. No reason to drag things out, as im sure we're all aware.

Nothing on the net on my end yet. Will know more as situation progresses.

We're no more at war with nK yet than we we've been for the last many years, from a BOG perspective. Again, if #ItsGoinDownForReal.mp3 then I'll def hit yall up wit stronk af selfies while invading.

I WILL say that its a bit tense over here as we see the news, reality for us right now is steady state ops. That said, the whole mantra here is be ready to Fight Tonight so steady state is pretty much be willing to kill nK at the drop of a hat. Kind of a toss up atm fams.

Not yet. And we wont nuke nK (likely wont at least). Def drop some heavy fucking ordinance for sure, but not nukes i dont zinc.

The indirect fire fight is integral to the conduct of large scale warfare. As to specifics, i cannot comment in detail. It would be a safe assumption to say that theres likely a good amount of thought put into mitigating the effects of terrain and distance in the defense of south korea

"Man these cherry brossoms are pretty in springtime" - increasingly nervous civilians in Korea


@Rusty Sandusky isnt this the aussie flag thong?

They're evolving (TLDR - degenerates organizing to (((shut down))) Nationalist Front, a growing coalition of nationalist oriented organizations in the US in the event yall havent heard of them).


Might be late to the party but fwiw its here.

You wield 6 of them ;-)

So youre telling me the loose coalition of degeneracy that is the Left, comprised primarily of feminists, islamists, black nationalists, and antifa have wedge issues we can exploit to our advantage? Whod have thunk it.

Garmonts, Rockys, and Merrills are my go to. Danner make decent ones, so does Nike actually on occasion. Obviously im constrained by certain regulations on boot wear for job but those are generally good brands to look at.

Depends on what youll use them for and how much maintenance youre willing to pour into them. Dont wanna spend a shit ton of time shining them so they look presentable? Dont opt for the jack boots and dont waste time and money with riding boots. Dont want the weight or dont like the look? Dont buy steel toe. Concerned about breaking toes? Buy steel toe.

Generally, i look for ankle stability, durable tread, and long term wear comfort. I wear boots 90% of the work week for my job and I walk a lot. Those may not be your uses.

Currently wearing coyote rocky s2vs. I like them a bunch and dont mind the bulk. In summer they get a bit warm but other than that i love them.

Follow me baby ;-)

Wore my old pair through basic, ranger, and iraq. Only reason i switched them out was bc of uniform change, where i got coyote versions of the same boot lol.

Old pair is a bit lived in but otherwise still goin stronk.

#officer ;-)

Probs shouldve said IOBC but either way.


^ @Vanguard and myself at IOBC, decolorized.

He's far right, I'm veing served by the warbride.


Dont have autistic feet nigga.

Or buy the rockys. With the padding, they can form really easily to your feet after you sweat in them a few times. Or just take a shower with them and wear till theu dry a bit. Relatively simple process to fit them right if you approach it properly.

Yeah ive a pair myself but of the bootcut variant. My problem is that theyre a a half size or quarter size too short, otherwise i love them. Breaking them in was a pain but after that theyve been great.

Didnt wanna shower in them like my rockies bc after market.

Bu standard i wear an 8 in boot but ypu can go 4-6 in and have gpod ankle support. If you want something super light, look at the danner tachyons or the lightweight nikes. Theyre not nearly as durable as others but they still hold up well fpr most uses and they feel like youre wearing running shoes lol.

Rucksack + trail + podcasts + practice = good posture

Might be hell on your back or supporting muscles for a bit as your body adjusts but itll catch up fam. Realistically youll never be 100% ready to start but the rest of you will catch up after you begin. Dont fuck up your spine and joints (i.e. stretch and do other workouts to work supporting muscles etc to maintain balanced development) overall though itll buff out.

Lol noice. Honestly, no bully, i do yoga sometimes to keep limber and help out my joints and alignment and shit. It helps that im surrpunded by college THOTs in yogapants but theres a legit health reason too.

Recommended by my Doc.

You got a plan though, stick to it bruh.

Yeah i hate the faggotry involved and the ridiculous mysticism associated with yoga but real talk the physical aspect is great.

Also the aforementioned bennies.

>blasting cherry pop and club music
>convoy operations, full tactical setup
>on roads in bigass vehicles tho so noise/ light discipline doesnt matter
TFW juxtaposition always makes me chuckle

Theres clearly a concerted entryism to our side of life by (((them))) over the last year. Did you think that a large and growing political movement in the global monopower, a movement based on nationalism and racial identity, wouldnt be a target for subversion and dilution?

Call a normie, or even someone on the spectrum but not here yet, a racist and an antisemite and see how he recoils fam. The alt lite cries out "im not racist, DR3" as it punches right.

But like men we have motivation, direction, leadership, agency, and an understanding that we must meet our destiny to become who we are.

Im not a fan of moving the goal posts with increasing standards or whatever. That said, i recognize the currently quite feminized nature of our politics re: needing to aggregate consensus etc prior to action, lacl of decisive capacities/ unilateral ability, and necessity of relying on subversion to a degree.

As a tool of resubversion (i guess - whatever you wanna call it) we will have to move goal posts etc to fight an ideological fight better than they have been able to. That takes being able to think like a jew sadly.

So in that sense, the alt light is an excellent gateway but many will find comfort in their milquetoast semi-radicalism.

Yeah tge issue is that (((they))) are currently doing qhat seems to be an excellent job of paralyzing the supply chain to us. Normies get the radical feelz by hitting up breitbart and the rebel but dont realize that those are quite literally (((controlled op))). That in mind, ive seen a growth (or at least a megaphone of) our ideas in media lately, which shows no sign of slowing. Even seen the term anti-white brought up in a positive and considered way by a leftist. We're at a tenuous time rn but its exciting fams.

Insofar as the alt light provides some infrastructure for our ideas, it's useful. I mean, honestly, look at the left and how it has succeeded: they have a panacea of ridiculously divergent and mutually ezclusive ideologies that mutually aupport one another through common enemies (us). They build interaction amongst themselves in their echo chambers and then proclaim that their dialogue is the sum and substance of the conversation (false dichotomy). We can do the same with the alt lite.

When we're debating whether civic or racial nationalism is better for the country, we've already had a stellar win for our side. Clearly we all understand the winner there but if thats the choice that normies are faced with, never able to consider multiculturalism or communism etc, then weve already advanced significantly.

We're seeing a return to normalcy here. That should increase, esp if we continue to push message.

I will say that the means by which we push message though dont have to be overt. Defending the family, classical literature, traditional art or music etc - if all that becomes a symbol and a participation in alt right ideas (... eventually just Right ideas again lol) then we have fertile ground and stable structure to continue this shit to policy level.

Meaning that normie right wingers who defend the family or oppose abortion or whatever are indirectly our allies. We kind of perceive this innately, but theres a deeper underatanding im trying to point towards here, i guess. May not be expressing it well at the moment.

And lol @ "Russians" taking a page or several out of the Mike Pence School of Gender Studies.

@Vanguard where does that pic come from?

Also you think that our congress could stay away from (((monetary policy))) and boomerposting IRL beyond the election cycle lol?

And thanks fam. Def gonna add to my list.

Koreans are fucking genetic rejects. Nips were right to warbride and conquer them. Chinese are doing a shit job of it atm. Really need some chaos on this side of the world IMO.

Yeah the yerrowpirr is fucking bullshit. All the anime waifus and (((media))) from here portray a very skewed view of what these folks look like (person of color me surprised).

I do fam.

Yellow genocide when?

Fucking disgusting frankly.

>not promoting high kultur

>not building neogothic structures

Yeah thats another thing dude, the language is fucking gross sounding (and looking).

Japanese are clearly the best race here but thats not saying much.

Bruh im thinkin about it.

Might try out some opportunities to work in Russia with one goal being procurement of Rus waifu.

Or, if a dem is elected next, might go Rus warbride route lol.

Duolingo, online chatrooms, etc. Not best route to learn but def a decent one if you cant commit to actual classes.

@Lupus_Dei - NC in old south or more towards southwest?

Ah i see.

NC has awesome places, v few russians tho lol.

Golden triangle in NC has a mixed bag of sheeboons and goyls.

Yeah cascadia needs to clean house first. Theyre riddled with the people that have the agency to destroy it internally.

Yeah spics and nigs are symptoms, not the cause. South is in a fever pitch, cascadia is just catching the flu fam.

Warbrides all around!

Knew some dudes who did a rotation in CJTF-HOA, they had a lot of fun actually. Its an interesting mission set, sure youre surrounded by nogs but how is that different from normal army lol?

QRF/RRF etc missions, secfor, support to SOF, etc is what the goyim i knew did. Other than that they got swole, played volleyball and grilled out on the beach.

Got to drink too on occasion, iirc.

Nigga unless we reclaim eurabia in full battle rattle, we're not gonna get what we want.

We need some third world army to attack a white country tbh fam.

Ideally, if we could get turkey to fight europe id get pretty happy.

If we could get israel to do it, id be so hard.

God i want saudi, tel aviv, istanbul, tehran, and so many more to fall (with NYC and LA lol)

Cant be used against people. Luckily, we haven't been at war against people since WW2.

Yeah our ideas of war will change really fucking quick in the next large scale conflict lol.

Yeah still hasnt filtered to my unit lol.

Yeah honestly thinking about putting myself as a woman in DEERs just to fuck with people.

Yeah i need to think of a good qay for the army to just straight up give me test/ boosters lol.

@Vanguard HMU whenever fam. Gotta peace out for a bit here but ill try to jump in voice l8r.

Freikorps now.

Black sun patch for my uniform. Can only wear when im exetremely far away from higher ups lol.

Lol NSA deleting Data. Never gonna happen.

They definitely will not.

Hahahahahahah they will not ever stop.


Cant talk but no.

Sorry listening in but at work.

@SledgeHammer get fucked lol

Electric Pence didnt get up to where im at unfortunately. Met with some super higher ups that met with him but not the Veep himself.

Nigga fucc yall - its like 1430 here faggz

While yall sleepin i been planning the invasion of nKorea.


Got pics of you too fam.



Could go to Argentina on a hunting trip fam.

Uni bro's dad runs a company that hosts hunting trips to lodges amd shit there. Local kids reload your weapons and like deliver cigars and whiskey to the hides lol.

All bird and small game though.

Maybe not after this one - tryna go to Europe before its completely overrun. Plus need to ruck a shit ton at altitude to train up for certain events in future. We can def look at doing it though, I'll drop a line to my buddy on it.

Almost got a free trip one summer but it was the week of graduation and commissioning sadly so i couldnt really miss out :-/

Yeah venice was trash. Munich and Monaco were my favs tbh, Prague was pure degeneracy on my part but i was young and stupid.

Yeah dude Monaco was def rich thot central but i didnt have any complaints at the time haha. Only big complaint was that it had a Saudi yacht in port at the time but didnt show up while i was there thankfully.

^australia irl

>inplying we havent been subject to propaganda for 70 uears


We stand on the shoulders of giants. These revisionists are trying to raise up new giants. Literally making mountains out of molehills.

Because, during reconstruction, the Allies instituted a massive propaganda campaign to deconstruct German nationalism, destroying their identity and favoring degradation and decline. Obvious fam. Institutionalized Weimarism.

Cocaine and inflation will do that lol.

Mine is cracking lol. Been able to get some senior officers/ FGOs to agree that genocide is sometimes the only solution to certain problems. Many are aware of my national pride and distrust of Jews, but i suspect few connect the dots/ are aware of the depth.

They have not put two and two together on the race question though. That stays very close to the chest for obvious tactical reasons.

Im bringing some around. Doubt theyll ever go full redpill but they can be fellow travellers etc. My next door neighbor here may have overheard some conversations but hes peruvian and no one cares what he thinks lol.

Yeah havent found any that are really on that level cognitively or socially yet.

Soon tho fam ... soon.

^dingo imprisoned by Jews for violating a border security measure while white, no word yet whether he will be allowed to vote in future elections.


DMarcus dropped some posters/pics above in the feed for branding purposes and messaging. Recommend you stick with those to increase footprint and amplify/ present united front. Tell your friends!


Black kikes matter

Bedrie = afrikaans for cuckold.

Youre a meme

Rainbow black sun

Target acquired

^my doxx

Wat did u mean by dis?

Ah yeah lol.

Forgot where id stolen that haha.

I mean, hes a natural, retro-altright protoshitlord so yeah it makes sense hed be one of the OG 100-120 goys.

^literally europe

Conditional upon white genocide.

Pissing and grabbing a beer

If you dont /undercut/ you camt be /masterrace/ and that basically makes you a /fuccboi/

Tfw cant hear Eli...

Probs bc echo cancellation is on.

Literally kenny


Its kenny.

Enoch Powell is always right

What if the child consents to being blown up?

Checkmate islamophobes

Yeah frankly we need the pot to thicken more vefpre it boils over.


Agree re: engendering race consciousness (or re-engendering frankly) with a global approach to white identity. Gets tricky when talking sovereignty but thats for later on.

If they attack other minority groups though thatll only create an anti-islamic coalition, not necessarily a pro white one though.

Idk give it time, spread the message, push these things at a grassroots AND institutional level and maybe we can turn the tide.

^to exist

The internationalism and globalism has been spread, nah, woven so deeply into the curriculum and culture there (and here frankly) that we'll need a while to see any tangible effect even if we took over their education system tomorrow.

Yeah you're still in here, broadcasting.

We're able to listen to your entire convo.

Me three

@MsNatSocialist when im sick i mute my mic or drop from chat.

Yes really

Yes. We. Can.


Thats beeb developing for over 18 hours.


Two scoops!

Have they posted it yet or no? Not seeing anything but their return announcement on the site ...


Eh id say our efforts in 2003 were probly a better ramadan bombathon but thats just proof positive that europeans are better at everything fam.

K, so first off I wanna say this is fucking awesome. Only good thing to come away from Canada lately besides the Stanley Cup (rekt).

That said, can I order this shit with crypto currency/ with a degree of anonymity or should I brace myself for the (((IRS))) being able to demonstrate Im an ebil Nawtsy because coffee in court?

Didnt say bitcoin specifically. Doesnt matter regardless bc I make a more than comfortable living regardless. I want to use my shekels for good in the world but I want to use them privately. Thats not as easily done these days sadly.

K cool thx fam.

First time Ive complemented a leaf for dealing out a quality post. Feelzweirdfam.jpg

MFW wont have xbone back until well into August.

Awesome, doesnt change TRANSCOMs timeline tho fam lol.

Senpai plz, must pwn newbs with Vanguard

Yuh nigga. Next CTC is gonna be lit af

Gal Gadot?

Super jew

Like the jewiest

Shes literally the kikeiest kike to kike on a kike.

How did you not see that?

Was this "we" muh dude? Ya boi here is tryna go to a different continent entirely for my next CTC fam

Mmmmm implicit.

Not everyone grows out of it. Had a kid in HS who basically looked like his dad poured battery acid on his fucking face it was so bad.

Not everyone grows out of it. Had a kid in HS who basically looked like his dad poured battery acid on his fucking face it was so bad.

People legit called cops bc they thought he was being abused.

Not everyone grows out of it. Had a kid in HS who basically looked like his dad poured battery acid on his fucking face it was so bad.

People legit called cops bc they thought he was being abused.

People legit called cops bc they thought he was being abused.

Idk wtf just happened with my connection.

When I have to shave constantly or if my diet turns to shit then yeah I get some evry now and again. In field I honestly get very little.

Every day. Twice a day.

Shits fucking gay.

I love the advice that comes with it. Yeah thanks, i know how to shave. About face forward march bro.

Convo ... at this point dont you think, you know, that ... well ... if you cant promote good genetics, you could be a dysgenic bomb against other races.

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