Message from Markus Anthony in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-18 05:48:13 UTC  

But that ain't none of my business.

2017-04-18 05:49:49 UTC  

You could put up totally soft posters of like love hearts and things until they go away, then crack out the hardcore stuff

2017-04-18 05:53:03 UTC  

Go get some #blacklivesmatters shirts and then go poster to your hearts content

2017-04-18 05:54:29 UTC  

@Nikephoros I didn't even know there was a plan to poster campuses

2017-04-18 05:54:37 UTC  

I'm in 3 servers with fashy frog. Is there proof he's the infiltrator?

2017-04-18 05:55:01 UTC  

^which ones? I don't feel like searching thru all mine

2017-04-18 05:55:58 UTC

2017-04-18 05:56:22 UTC  

FashyFrog is in Thunderdome too, thats weevs DialyStormer server

2017-04-18 05:56:37 UTC  

I already talked to Weev

2017-04-18 05:56:37 UTC  

Is there proof?

2017-04-18 05:57:36 UTC  

I he's in thunder dome, uncensored politics, and centipede central for me

2017-04-18 05:57:55 UTC  

@Americana - MD Do you know the exact handle? IS the one posted above the right guy?

2017-04-18 05:58:09 UTC  

Also, which Sean exactly?

2017-04-18 05:58:19 UTC  

@Nikephoros that doesn't really out you though.

2017-04-18 05:58:37 UTC

2017-04-18 05:58:41 UTC  

They cant start persecuting normie consrrvatives. Bad image.

2017-04-18 05:58:42 UTC  

Shieeet thats him

2017-04-18 05:59:19 UTC  

What's the proof on his infiltration?

2017-04-18 05:59:29 UTC  

Or how was he found out

2017-04-18 05:59:32 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ You don't get it. If they see you out there putting up posters, they know your political ties

2017-04-18 06:03:07 UTC  

So what do now?

2017-04-18 06:03:41 UTC  

he's also in CC and UP

2017-04-18 06:04:23 UTC

2017-04-18 06:05:45 UTC  

@Americana - MD Is there a way we can confirm so we can get him kicked out of other servers

2017-04-18 06:06:18 UTC  

@Markus Anthony hold on. @Eli Mosley and I are conferring on the matter.

2017-04-18 06:08:31 UTC  

@Americana - MD I told weev. So Weev can kick him from the servers he has associated with Dialy Stormer.

2017-04-18 06:09:22 UTC  


2017-04-18 06:09:57 UTC  

Weev wants a message from Eli to make sure it's a legit claim

2017-04-18 06:10:19 UTC  

That FashyFrog asshole is in every dam server

2017-04-18 06:10:28 UTC  

Gotta message a lot of mods

2017-04-18 06:11:02 UTC  

i messaged my friend in UP

2017-04-18 06:11:10 UTC  

but he's probably asleep

2017-04-18 06:12:02 UTC  

I need some evidence to get him booted from Anticom. He's not vetted there but was shilling a link to his "Day of the Flier" server which has been incorporated into another server.

2017-04-18 06:13:54 UTC  


2017-04-18 06:13:58 UTC  

whats going on with fashyfrog?

2017-04-18 06:14:09 UTC  

not the same one

2017-04-18 06:14:14 UTC  


2017-04-18 06:14:33 UTC  

well there's another with same name?

2017-04-18 06:14:50 UTC  

You can have the same name, its the 4 numbers afterwards that makes it unique too I think

2017-04-18 06:15:00 UTC  

See posts above

2017-04-18 06:15:00 UTC  

yeah i know