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nigga you can't make maple syrup from spruce sap

2017-05-09 14:00:20 UTC  

You can brew beer from spruce tips

2017-05-09 14:00:31 UTC  

checkmate, canadian

2017-05-09 14:00:55 UTC  

I'm sure you could make alchohol from syrup

2017-05-09 14:02:28 UTC  

That would be pretty expensive

2017-05-09 14:02:32 UTC  

Maple syrup is for niggers

2017-05-09 14:02:38 UTC  

Agave syrup is for white men

2017-05-09 14:02:51 UTC  

do you want to fucking die?

2017-05-09 14:03:12 UTC  

Fite me 🔥 🔥 🔥

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You can't beat the aesthetics large conifers though. Very solar

2017-05-09 14:05:24 UTC  

🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁

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Maple trees just like like a huge amorphous blob of leaves

2017-05-09 14:06:32 UTC  

Conifers soar towards the heavens

2017-05-09 14:07:08 UTC  

A Trve Aryan recognizes the superior aesthetics of conifer trees

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Liberals are fucking dumb they were confusing me for richard spencer on a post

2017-05-09 14:23:20 UTC  

Do you really have Richard Spencer as your profile picture? Is that some kind of joke?

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how racist that they think all whites look alike

2017-05-09 14:24:25 UTC  

This kid is such a fucking loser I think he got fired from his state job

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Hey guys I'm Richard Spencer!

2017-05-09 14:25:43 UTC  

Going to see if he freaks out

2017-05-09 14:26:37 UTC  

My apologies, striking similarity in both looks and ideology. But, clearly we must have been watching different hearings because I heard the FBI Director say there are multiple cross-agency investigations underway and they are working with the EDVA on charges....but yeah, again, nothing to see here. So, when indictments fall, are you still going think it's no big deal? They are ALL guilty.....this goes straight to DJT. You think Michael Flynn was just randomly speaking with the Russian Ambassador?

2017-05-09 14:31:17 UTC  

Its nice to get such nice compliments from your enemies tbh

2017-05-09 14:43:34 UTC

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Do you think a politician was randomly speaking to an official whose job it is to speak to other officials? just lol at libshits

2017-05-09 14:52:47 UTC  

@Brad Small that's a sick poster bro

2017-05-09 14:55:00 UTC  

can anyone here explain why theyre so insecure about their whiteness that they feel the need to oppress minorities and keep them from moving up???? if youre ACTUALLY so supreme you would allow them to run the government lolol

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@badtanman I have a small peenor

2017-05-09 14:55:24 UTC  

That is y

2017-05-09 14:55:31 UTC  

Anybody for voicechat? I've been working midnight all week. Missed you guys.

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N-notice me senpai

2017-05-09 14:58:49 UTC  

>tfw i was supposed to meet my friends this weekend
>tfw i was supposed to visit portugal early june and catch aphex twin live while i was there
>tfw no based trannys to work with