Message from SDifference in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-19 03:21:23 UTC  

wtf why did i kicked

2017-05-19 03:21:35 UTC  

thot genocide

2017-05-19 03:25:44 UTC  

@queenarchitect can you not join?

2017-05-19 03:26:35 UTC  

i was kicked from motte

2017-05-19 03:27:26 UTC  

oh shiiiiii

2017-05-19 03:29:19 UTC  


2017-05-19 03:29:58 UTC  

i dindu nuffin

2017-05-19 03:30:03 UTC  

im a great wingman

2017-05-19 03:31:06 UTC

2017-05-19 03:31:19 UTC  

@queenarchitect I was kicked from Motte too

2017-05-19 03:31:36 UTC  

oh so we should kick all of them

2017-05-19 03:32:31 UTC  

@queenarchitect I wanna know who kicked me

2017-05-19 03:32:53 UTC  

they made all the retards mods

2017-05-19 03:33:02 UTC  

so could be anyone

2017-05-19 03:33:19 UTC  

@FascistFather hey, why were me & Nanners kicked from Motte?

2017-05-19 03:35:21 UTC  

he sounds really concerned about the other guy tbh <:autism:283518622251483136>

2017-05-19 03:35:33 UTC  

*Alan* Jones? <:alexjones:283518812907765760>

2017-05-19 03:35:58 UTC  

<:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> @Brad Small <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136> <:autism:283518622251483136>

2017-05-19 03:38:00 UTC  

the cockblock is real fam

2017-05-19 03:39:40 UTC  

>In the experiments, one dingo was filmed moving a table to use as a step-ladder to reach food. Another dingo opened a gate latch with his nose to reach a female partner.

2017-05-19 03:40:05 UTC  

Someone did an experiment on William and Brad?

2017-05-19 03:41:30 UTC

2017-05-19 03:42:49 UTC  

omg it's so cute

2017-05-19 03:44:41 UTC

2017-05-19 03:45:22 UTC

2017-05-19 03:47:26 UTC  

@BellaDashwood I don't know dear. I can ask. Do you want back in?

Look girls, @BellaDashwood WE ARE FUCKING SCARED

We've come an INCH away from nuclear

Personally I feel bad, BUT WE ARE ON DEFCON 1

2017-05-19 03:48:43 UTC  

@FascistFather I'd like back in and Nanners would too

2017-05-19 03:49:09 UTC  

I'll talk to Sandy and do what I can

2017-05-19 03:49:33 UTC  

I love otters

2017-05-19 03:50:08 UTC  

I had a wild one swim up to my kayak and it let me touch its belly

2017-05-19 03:50:32 UTC  

That otter wanted hand relief.

2017-05-19 03:51:50 UTC  

That is cool as shit, though. Over here if you touch critters it is probably spiders crawling on you.

2017-05-19 03:52:06 UTC  

why were we drug into your beef with eli

2017-05-19 03:55:05 UTC  

The kids are spooked about the inhabitants of this space

2017-05-19 03:55:16 UTC  

Wherein I don't blame them