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@Caerulus_Rex You closet cucked Lisa cunt

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wtf are these shapes

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convo draw one that represents me

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fucken oath

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I'm starting deadlifts again tomorrow, x rays show my collarbone, ribs and shoulder have no breaks in anything anymore

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Let me tell you a transition story. A woman experiences a moment that makes her realize there's something different about herself. She seeks out answers to this and finds someone or something that can help her, and she faces obstacles in that journey. She faces doubt and outside pressures, and she suffers horrible defeat. And then, then she rises. She finds peace with herself and discovers she had it in her the whole time, and she returns empowered and capable and Herself. This is transition. This is Star Wars. This is Harry Potter This is the monomyth. We are the monomyth, the living embodiment of resurrection. We--transgender people--are all messiahs; that's why you fear us so much.

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i dont know about you

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but i personally fear transgendered people because they are messiahs and they represent the monomyth

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the white man fears the tranny

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white man fears the timecube

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acadamia cant disprove timecube because they are evil fraud and they educate retarded

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flat earthers BTFO

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The difference between 70 IQ and 80 IQ.

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I like that guy

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the documentary about him is pretty funny

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Eli Porter is smarter than the rest of those nigz imo

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it's like a where are they now and what even was the context of the clip

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also explains the fucking love heart

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all the nigz in that clip are either releasing mix tapes or on football scholarships...

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Compiling 4.9.16-gentoo bzImage...