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2017-12-19 04:20:27 UTC  

"Shall not be infringed"

2017-12-19 04:20:41 UTC  

in other news ten hours of my life has been wasted nonconsecutively to stop getting emails from ted cruz

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2017-12-19 04:20:56 UTC  

I never even signed up for the damn things and they keep coming

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2017-12-19 04:22:00 UTC  

Well regulated back then simply mean "functioning properly", like a well-regulated clock.

2017-12-19 04:22:03 UTC  

almost like there's an alternative here

2017-12-19 04:22:35 UTC  

I agree that it's peoples' right to abort foetuses and kill themselves with soda and hamburgers.

2017-12-19 04:23:03 UTC  

And I bet that Influenza is all the fucking idiots who are like "but vaccines give autism"

2017-12-19 04:23:05 UTC  

Eh I am not for abortion but the window isn't there yet.

2017-12-19 04:23:12 UTC  

I'm not for abortion

2017-12-19 04:23:17 UTC  

I feel it should be a state's rights issue.

2017-12-19 04:23:23 UTC  

The right to determine who has use of your organs is worth all that death to me.

2017-12-19 04:23:25 UTC  

You shouldn't have had the kid to start with

2017-12-19 04:23:40 UTC  

Abortion should stay but be stricter.

2017-12-19 04:23:44 UTC  

If you're going to fuck that up it's a burder you need to take

2017-12-19 04:23:45 UTC  

Well for me the father has no rights

2017-12-19 04:23:46 UTC  

If it came to it, I'd probably vote against it.

2017-12-19 04:23:50 UTC  

Oh definitely stricter

2017-12-19 04:23:56 UTC  

Twice as many, thrice as many.

2017-12-19 04:24:07 UTC  

He cannot save the child if he wants it

2017-12-19 04:24:12 UTC  


2017-12-19 04:24:25 UTC  

unless you were raped/assualted, or are under age 16 it's okay

2017-12-19 04:24:26 UTC  

That's a tricky one.

2017-12-19 04:24:26 UTC  

But is financially responsible if he didn't.

2017-12-19 04:24:29 UTC  

but otherwise

2017-12-19 04:24:36 UTC  

You brought it upon yourself

2017-12-19 04:24:39 UTC  

He does not have the right to determine who has use of her organs.

2017-12-19 04:24:41 UTC  

This is the cost of doing so

2017-12-19 04:24:58 UTC  

She allowed him to ejaculate in her with his

2017-12-19 04:25:15 UTC  

You knocked someone up so you have control of who gets to use their organs?

2017-12-19 04:25:27 UTC  

What a silly way to address it.

2017-12-19 04:25:31 UTC  

Could've used protection

2017-12-19 04:25:36 UTC  

She knows the result of sex.

2017-12-19 04:25:39 UTC  

there's a lot nowadays

2017-12-19 04:25:58 UTC  

Condoms, pills, injections, and this goes for both parties here.

2017-12-19 04:26:07 UTC  

So it's ok for you to get to determine who has use of her organs then?

2017-12-19 04:26:09 UTC  

Those fail.

2017-12-19 04:26:14 UTC  

Why shouldn't he have the same rights as the mother?

2017-12-19 04:26:30 UTC  

Because it's not his organs being used.

2017-12-19 04:26:36 UTC  

He did use his