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2017-08-15 00:33:31 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Hello folks.

2017-08-15 00:40:34 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I likenthe identity Europa sign

2017-08-15 00:40:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

It is inoffensive to normies

2017-08-15 00:41:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We gave them theoretical vote

2017-08-15 00:41:21 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Not in reality

2017-08-15 00:41:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Women hsd a much more damaging impact on politics.

2017-08-15 00:42:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

White men have madeistakes.

2017-08-15 00:42:19 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We are intending to correct them.

2017-08-15 00:42:28 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

That is why we are in this movement.

2017-08-15 00:43:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

How many women voted for Herr Merkel?

2017-08-15 00:43:23 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Hiw many voted Remaim?

2017-08-15 00:43:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

How many voted Obama

2017-08-15 00:44:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Less than half

2017-08-15 00:46:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Women should be nurturing families

2017-08-15 00:46:13 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

And boosting our birth rate

2017-08-15 00:46:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Teaching our children

2017-08-15 00:48:51 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Look at that shit

2017-08-15 00:48:56 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Women cheeiring

2017-08-15 00:49:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Look at that big negress

2017-08-15 00:51:29 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

We all have ideas

2017-08-15 00:51:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I think the next alt right rally we should take our children

2017-08-15 00:54:27 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

No you beinf the children, it becomes a dare

2017-08-15 00:54:38 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

They have to let us speak or endanger children

2017-08-15 00:54:47 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

It is that simple

2017-08-15 00:55:32 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

They took children to gay pride parades and pussy hat festivals

2017-08-15 00:57:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

They have kids in leather on a chain leash

2017-08-15 02:00:19 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Who are the mods?

2017-08-15 03:09:51 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I don't develop addictions

2017-08-15 03:10:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 03:10:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Caffeine though

2017-08-15 03:10:42 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Its not will powet

2017-08-15 03:11:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I just didnt crave it or have withdrawals

2017-08-15 03:11:38 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I did with caffeine the first day sfyer that it was fine.

2017-08-15 03:11:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Yeah I started at 17

2017-08-15 03:12:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Now I can go months have a few.cigs with buddies and thats thst

2017-08-15 03:12:10 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Never think about it again.

2017-08-15 03:12:50 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I did to caffeine

2017-08-15 03:13:05 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

24 hours I had a headache

2017-08-15 03:13:26 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 03:18:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Lol <@184108596919795713>

2017-08-15 03:36:07 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Wait who the fuck has trapfriend?

2017-08-15 03:37:17 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 03:41:02 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

S o d o m y

2017-08-15 03:41:15 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I m p l i e d s o d o m y

2017-08-15 11:58:18 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Can I get me some of that sweet vettinf yet?

2017-08-15 11:58:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 11:59:16 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

No problem.

2017-08-15 13:17:12 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 13:42:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 13:45:03 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@โœจD'Angloโœจ saying its possible not a deginite.

2017-08-15 13:46:21 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-08-15 13:46:35 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

I believe in a land owning white voter nothing more

2017-08-15 13:50:46 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@Harmact will you get rid of the pope first?

2017-08-15 13:53:44 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

@Fashy Man About Town just cooled up some sirloin for breakfast

2017-08-15 13:54:34 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

The catholic church is infected with high octane faggotry

2017-08-15 15:30:04 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  

Yes sir.

2017-08-15 15:40:54 UTC [Ethnoserver #welcome]  


2017-09-28 03:48:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Is this server going further right or centrist?

2017-09-28 05:49:17 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So the moral of the story is that Jews are bad.

2017-09-28 05:57:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Fersurion was right about the Jews.

2017-09-28 05:58:39 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Catholic Socialism is intriguing

2017-09-28 05:59:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

At least if he sees the current pope as a heretic

2017-09-28 06:00:45 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Healthy white people should have babies

2017-09-28 06:00:54 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Everyone else should not

2017-09-28 06:01:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I have my own white children

2017-09-28 06:01:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I have a new one in production now

2017-09-28 06:02:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Nah white orphans are for barren women and infertile men

2017-09-28 06:03:29 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Traps are gay, men who have sex with traps are gay

2017-09-28 06:03:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

XY+XY = Gay

2017-09-28 06:04:06 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Gays should be put down

2017-09-28 06:04:48 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Open sores =|= vaginas

2017-09-28 14:26:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2017-09-28 14:26:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He was degenerate

2017-09-28 14:26:52 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Hugh Hefner should have died of Cancerous Aids

2017-09-28 14:27:04 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

He was a terrible man

2017-09-28 14:27:11 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Who created a generation of thots

2017-09-28 14:27:21 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

And corrupted thr minds of young men and women

2017-09-28 14:28:08 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Pornography inhibits men and women from having healthy ibtimate relationshipd

2017-09-28 15:15:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Faggots: Based or baseborn?

2017-09-28 15:16:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Faggots get the rope

2017-09-28 15:16:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Human Supremacist sounds like you have 2% to work on

2017-09-28 15:17:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Human Supremacist Yellow fever is a true peril

2017-09-28 15:17:47 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Asian women are only for youthful practice

2017-09-28 15:17:52 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Not to breed

2017-09-28 15:18:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2017-09-28 15:18:41 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Yes and he did an anhero

2017-09-28 15:18:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Half asians are soldiers

2017-09-28 15:18:53 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But cannot breed

2017-09-28 15:19:18 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Idealogy means nothing without ethnic roots

2017-09-28 15:20:02 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2017-09-28 17:43:02 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-09-28 17:48:35 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-09-28 17:48:44 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-09-28 17:52:13 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-09-28 17:52:42 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

^thr opposition and we are losing?

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