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Can't tell if sham

Or serious

pics or fake Kappa

smells like fish

Unless you didn't make it that is

I think I have my copypasta rules somewhere if you want those

nom mod when Kappa

Never that's when.



man if only people actually listened to that thing

well the one that needed to be gone is in fact gone

Fuck prohibition

I thought you were a candle

In bobby jindal

In the wind

I am considering that

Moore condone it

Seems to've glazed over

he also said "america was at it's best during slavery"

The 3rd is pretty useless nowadays

we're probably not going to have one for a'hile

18th can go

just forget the whole thing

24th sucks but I can see the arguement both ways

"Ah yes let me volunteer slavery"

That's servitude

By your own admission it isn't slavery

So don't fucking call it slavery

If you were ethical

oh I just remembered something

This guy condoning violence to children for not believing in "the one true faith"

I get he's not but it does somewhat come across as though it is

Like NK

are right wing sjws a thing

Is that even possible

"I hate the gays but talk shit about them..."


I feel as though both need be present

You gotta have the SJ in the left progressism and the W in being batshit crazy

*the ones that called me a jewish nazi were*

agh fuck

Don't tag me I'm right here


I'm a lowkey anti-theist

it didn't even apply at all the convo was about tax reform

I don't go outta my way to slam it in their face that they support a dangerous mindset, I only do it if they yell it out loud or I scream to the void occasionally

at least you didn't drop HS

virtually all religions suck ass

Here's a lesson

Don't major in english


history has to be specific

you can't just go general

Good morneveternooning

it depends

If you wanna say like

Let's kill 10 onward

That's dumb

But if you say "let's kill 3 and twenty something"

that's *better*

It makes more sense

24 still sucks though

1 is dying (which is bad)

2 is divisive and needs an answer

3 is pretty damn useless unless georgia finally becomes sick of florida's shit and kills it's ass

I support two but it isn't clear to folks

Just say the people

Boom diddly doneski


Make it literally impossibly clean

America is stupid and unless it's not directly stated for the brainless we don't geet eet

"but my militia only" FUCK OFF

in other news ten hours of my life has been wasted nonconsecutively to stop getting emails from ted cruz

I never even signed up for the damn things and they keep coming

almost like there's an alternative here

And I bet that Influenza is all the fucking idiots who are like "but vaccines give autism"

I'm not for abortion

You shouldn't have had the kid to start with

If you're going to fuck that up it's a burder you need to take

Oh definitely stricter

unless you were raped/assualted, or are under age 16 it's okay

but otherwise

You brought it upon yourself

This is the cost of doing so

Could've used protection

there's a lot nowadays

Condoms, pills, injections, and this goes for both parties here.

He's the one that made those organs fucking work

oui oui

Neaksy nails how I feel

Incest is that thing I want to say is included but the amount of fuckwits today that are into it would abuse that

Damnit you lost me

Why kill someone because they have a mental condition

do you not just realize


Are in fact

Both father and mother dna

You seem to not understand this biology

But why

Why not incentivise not having kids in the first place

Or put a limit on kids

Something reasonable though not china's fucking bad shit

Like 4.

The average family is 1-3 kids

4th is pushing

It's reasonable but could curb it slightly

The reason the organs happened was from the stimulus from the father

The best natural selection would be if another bubonic happened.

No really.

is discord being a cuck for everyone or is my wifi shit again

Just slow

here's a good rule for thought: Don't be a cuck and skip other people's music unless it's over an hour with permission, OR if the person who requested it leaves.

All the complaints on trump aren't really trump himself

It's more policy or cabnet or party

This is probably ok

yeah seems pretty okay to me

Sky this evening

started learning MMM's church theme. Here is a rough take

Maybe I'm old

But back in my day


All the horny boys would merely fap

(Off gab)

suuuper tired

If you're having a bad holiday season and things aren't what you hoped, remember you aren't the cuck that grabbed a burning pizza tray with his entire bare hand.

It's still bleeding. Marty chrysler to all.

kill them all

Philly claus

Marty chrysler

Monte cristo

Maury crisis

Morbid Chester

maybe chinstraps

mopey craftsman

morty crest

Moby Channelmart


I took that one political thing

Also scored pragmatic

Agh fuck

I'm outta comebacks for this pro-palestine person

I would want to because it seems fun but don't want to because I sound like a smoldering cunt

I'd definitely try to find a way to edit it

Deepen somehow

Or gremlin voice the whole thing

If you say it is

It probably is


I could scrounge up some things to read out maybe

Gaming and Pandas has been hidden in Germany

I hate mine too but the difference is that other people *like* yours

Damn 8 shots

I can take about 6 before I crack

Might've been an "I'm thinking about" or a "I've heard this about it"

You know what I despise


Sweden is on fire and nobody is reporting it

3 attacks in 2 days

There's also all this stuff I've found

(Links coming soon) some are support some are from above

I haven't even touched problems like anti-semitism



is this intended to be creativity

c r e a t i v i t e

America's full of morons

I can tell you that

Lemme just pull up a quote from work in full

"Hii um...we're having a group of maybe 4-5 come in for your mini golf and would want 5 quinoa salads prepared vegan without any quinoa and the name is (censored). Thanks!"



You know what I look like?


logan is taking a break from YT

wasn't he like

*suuuuuper* racist or something


I'm not even looking at how wrong the tweet is itself

But *suger*

Fuck tide pods

Gotta go the whole 9 yards

Fucking three flavours instead of 2

don't fucking taaaaaaaaaaaaag meeeeeee

Because it's fucking annoying and makes you look like a swollen dick

I hate it immensely

both taken by me sorry if shite

Keep it sfw in here ye mortals or neigh be the days of you sending messages

anyway I do music things here have a music thing

there's no goddamn place that I can easily put a two and a half minute video is there

twitter *no* instagram *no* discord *fuck no*

I'd have to make an account for that

I'm a lazy bastard


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