Message from Edward in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-24 16:46:21 UTC  

Why am I forgiving? Why do I forget what nonwhites are like and act towards them like they are like me?

2017-05-24 16:46:52 UTC  

We are fuckt fam, unless we get into war.

2017-05-24 16:47:28 UTC  

Then those empathy switches turn to hatred.

2017-05-24 17:09:42 UTC

2017-05-24 17:53:28 UTC  
2017-05-24 17:53:33 UTC  

holy shit

2017-05-24 17:53:36 UTC  

we fucked up fam

2017-05-24 17:55:48 UTC  
2017-05-24 17:56:07 UTC  

no word on whether or not he has a Trump hat

2017-05-24 18:00:32 UTC  

is this on pol yet

2017-05-24 18:02:27 UTC  

whoa whoa whoa

2017-05-24 18:02:32 UTC  

are you asian now

2017-05-24 18:15:12 UTC  

on the day of the rope, strayans are first into the emu pit

2017-05-24 18:25:05 UTC  

no only true blue sheilas are azn

2017-05-24 18:28:03 UTC  

so good

2017-05-24 18:35:11 UTC  

someoen should make a montage of the london mayor @sadiqkhan tweeting memorial pics

2017-05-24 18:35:49 UTC  

im gonna do it

2017-05-24 18:35:57 UTC  

Varg is litterally retarded

2017-05-24 18:35:58 UTC  

what song should i overlay it with

2017-05-24 18:36:10 UTC  

pakistan national anthem?

2017-05-24 18:36:14 UTC  

or a nasheed?

2017-05-24 18:36:19 UTC  

i cant watch this yet but if he is breaking up with Golden One that is really gay. Varg is on the wrong side. Golden One has been entirely respectful and even said he sees Varg as a mentor. They just disagree on a topic that shouldn't divide us at all.

2017-05-24 18:36:50 UTC  

varg is controlled , no ?

2017-05-24 18:37:08 UTC  


2017-05-24 18:37:59 UTC  

This is the TLDR of that video

2017-05-24 18:39:05 UTC  

1. varg is right about everything if you take a long enough worldview

2017-05-24 18:39:18 UTC  

2. golden one is more productive because he orchestrates meatspace meetup

2017-05-24 18:39:31 UTC  

3. in all likelihood varg is right that there is no hope and that society will collapse

2017-05-24 18:39:50 UTC  

4. I'm here anyways because I'd rather win than lose, and society collapsing is our loss scenario

2017-05-24 18:40:18 UTC  

Varg is retarded

2017-05-24 18:40:41 UTC

2017-05-24 18:41:21 UTC  

"capitalism is JEWISH" -you

2017-05-24 18:42:22 UTC  

im taking screenies if sadiqs terror poating and making a sick dubstep nasheed montage

2017-05-24 18:43:11 UTC  

nasheeds are tuneless and are coon tunes

2017-05-24 18:47:51 UTC  

but it will have dubstep my nigga

2017-05-24 18:47:58 UTC  

im all about dem remixes

2017-05-24 18:48:06 UTC  

dubstep is halal

2017-05-24 18:51:42 UTC  

varg needs to accept that christ is king and logos incarnate