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@BellaDashwood It's funny because Half Orcs basically try to subvert Bree and The Shire and were amount southern refugees escaping war from Saruman

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Saruman was basically a jew

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@everyone If you're online hop into voice for a little bit

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I would but my internet has been going in and out all day

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Is it illegal to deny the holocaust in Australia? lol...

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only for women

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I should probably ask that before I end up in prison for too much denial

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Lol some italtion sharia

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@Convo @D'Marcus Liebowitz Problem is, Richard was saying a lot of 'undiplomatic' things on Twitter. I hope he's seen some of the backlash and will keep it to himself or phrase it better in future. To americans who might not fully appreciate... basically for the same reasons americans have (or are trying to create) a white identity, europeans have their own individual identities which are important to nationalists here. Obviously we'd support a pan-european movement over utter anihilation, but I'd hope Richard understands that ethno-nationalism in Europe is compatible with the american alt-right

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yeah nah

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hes never gunna stop

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I'd be interested what he said to @D'Marcus Liebowitz

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protip: revolutionary nationalism is interpreted as saber rattling by other nations

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white solidarity is a trick to get guards down in america

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instead of everyone saying he

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he's looking for an american empire with militant relations to allies, he's only getting pinned as "le nazi"

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it's an abstract cloudy term that isnt too effective

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but if he had a foreign policy that could concievably be aggressive, they would have something to nail him down on

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I love sending this picture to Jews on Twitter dot calm

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@SDifference I think he generally understands that, but he likes to talk about "big ideas"

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@Convo Not sure I understand what you're saying, are you saying that he's not being strictly honest but for a good strategy?

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@D'Marcus Liebowitz Yeah I get that.

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Here's the thing...grabs a kike

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@Convo I had considered that it might be like that, seems to be the impression I'm getting

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@Convo It's annoying because people keep saying stuff like "richard is an embarressment" and "richard should stop talking/tweeting", for the most part I don't care too much what he's saying about that because he doesn't have too much power over it

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>he gets millions of people to listen to him talk

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>thousands of people on twitter get mad at him

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seems worth

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I got a little bit more concerned when Mike Enoch started echoing these views, because it seemed like Mike would have less reason to follow that narrative, but maybe he was just parroting what Richard said.

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protip: give up

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lie to everyone

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I'm not sure how much he's thought about it

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ideological integrity is for armchair quarterbacks

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napoleon loved his men but referred to them as cannon fodder

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just roll with it, it's working

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I feel like we are all morphing into each other and it's causing more harm than good.