Message from stedly in Turtle Hermit School #random

2018-10-01 12:58:52 UTC  

ok, i kinda noticed lately in the comments section of neonrevolt articles ...they do their own research and find interesting articles...i found 2 in the comments section and posted them here and other servers

2018-10-01 13:40:19 UTC  

Now that the Dems realize Kavanaugh is going to be cleared of all allegations they are beginning to shift their narrative in claiming he had a drinking problem. Fake media is all over this right now.

2018-10-01 14:10:01 UTC  

@Bukkakemon not the actual one playing, but it should be

2018-10-01 14:13:50 UTC  

55k now

@SirW00f just saw that, the #Pain grows

2018-10-01 14:39:29 UTC  

Yeah.... Get to the bottom of boofing, and find the ultimate jenk recipe known to man. Prison wallets unite.

2018-10-01 15:08:11 UTC  

What is "enhanced" vetting?

2018-10-01 15:08:55 UTC  

Everyone hit like on it. This is my demoralizing leftist campaign.

2018-10-01 15:09:52 UTC  

@stedly done

2018-10-01 15:10:40 UTC  

Don't follow me though. 😛

2018-10-01 15:18:12 UTC  

Good morning y'all

2018-10-01 15:21:24 UTC  

I gotta make my twitter account look as much lefty as possible.

2018-10-01 15:21:51 UTC  

Sorry Im gonna follow all the liberal nutcases that I hate.

Good strategy

2018-10-01 15:22:31 UTC  

Yep its the lefty blackpiller account.

2018-10-01 15:24:56 UTC  

I kneejerked when I clicked on rachel maddow follow...

2018-10-01 15:25:09 UTC  

Like there was an eye twitch of some nature.

2018-10-01 15:25:53 UTC  

stedly, u suffering from chemically induced liberalism?

2018-10-01 15:27:02 UTC  

Hopefully not. Someone give me a libtard looking photo.

2018-10-01 15:27:20 UTC  

For a header photo. Gotta make this legit.

2018-10-01 15:30:37 UTC  

This one good?

2018-10-01 15:38:35 UTC  

That one will probably give you away....

2018-10-01 15:39:50 UTC  

K I need a better, sirwolff sent me some that would make me even more obvious.

2018-10-01 15:42:50 UTC  

I don't doubt that one bit

2018-10-01 15:49:15 UTC  

sorry, i didn't read it properly ...i made the mistake of sending u libtard proofs

2018-10-01 15:55:52 UTC  

Sir woof, the go-to guy for low energy cringe memes all day......

2018-10-01 16:01:56 UTC  


2018-10-01 16:06:23 UTC  

ok, i give up on looking, stedly...unless u can get fluffy to pose for a selfie