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2017-06-10 22:59:15 UTC  

Man I'm gonna be tired at the end

2017-06-10 22:59:18 UTC  

in my country

2017-06-10 22:59:22 UTC  

and i dont remember the last time i saw a nigger.

2017-06-10 22:59:36 UTC  

So @weev are we fighting or not?

2017-06-10 22:59:48 UTC  

I desire to box you. No drones. No rules. Only feelz

2017-06-10 22:59:53 UTC  

I'm in a big town/small city in rural area, and i see nigs and spics almost every day...

2017-06-10 22:59:53 UTC  

@D'Marcus Liebowitz i dont treat women like this sounds

2017-06-10 23:00:02 UTC  

@Hand Banana Damn it Ken, get in voice!!!

2017-06-10 23:00:05 UTC

2017-06-10 23:00:07 UTC  

@weev we're virginity song posting

2017-06-10 23:00:22 UTC  


2017-06-10 23:00:25 UTC  

my new screensaver

2017-06-10 23:00:26 UTC  


2017-06-10 23:00:27 UTC  

this is a better fit for my first time

2017-06-10 23:00:32 UTC

2017-06-10 23:00:33 UTC  


2017-06-10 23:00:36 UTC  

@Striker of Daily Stormer is a serious guy, that's why he insisted on playing this track when he first got pussy:

2017-06-10 23:00:39 UTC  

now its my aspect ratio

2017-06-10 23:00:46 UTC  

There was a music video playing when I lost my virginity, but I couldn't see it due to the pepper spray in my eyes

2017-06-10 23:01:23 UTC  

@weev so youre saying hitler was wrong about the slavs

2017-06-10 23:01:24 UTC  

is that it

2017-06-10 23:01:40 UTC  

hitler was specifically opposed to slavs which had wronged germany

2017-06-10 23:01:47 UTC  


2017-06-10 23:01:49 UTC  

such as poles and czechs, who had wrongly stolen its territory

2017-06-10 23:02:01 UTC  

he allied with other slavs which did no wrong to germany and supported fascism against communism

2017-06-10 23:02:07 UTC  

like the glorious brothers from croatia

2017-06-10 23:02:12 UTC  

@PTown may never lose his virginity, but if he does, this song will be playing:

2017-06-10 23:02:19 UTC  

he also said that wends, who are a slavic minority from germany, were good germans

2017-06-10 23:02:23 UTC  

No @weev I got this

2017-06-10 23:02:24 UTC  

hitler was not universally opposed to slavs

2017-06-10 23:02:46 UTC  

thats a good track

2017-06-10 23:02:47 UTC  

This is his first time music. He rides in on a Mastadon

2017-06-10 23:03:15 UTC  

FUCK are we all day drinking and hanging out on discord? @D'Marcus Liebowitz what did you do to me?

2017-06-10 23:03:32 UTC  

>be me
>racing in the future with my cool vehicle
>fucking home depot ad starts playing

this is what happens when you dont send me credit card info to get a free spotify trial

2017-06-10 23:03:35 UTC  

@weev what is your stance on the PQ

2017-06-10 23:03:37 UTC  

the polish question

2017-06-10 23:03:40 UTC  

I'm Jewish

2017-06-10 23:03:48 UTC  

Don't tell my gf

2017-06-10 23:03:52 UTC  
2017-06-10 23:04:07 UTC  

@norah fox r u in this server