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But they're born that way goyim

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The Plauge was not a bad thing.

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Lets soothe jimmies.

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it goes on to cry about muh due process

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to my understanding, it is due process to see if you not basically going to be like politically executed on arrival which is a very fucking small pop period

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so generally speaking all these shitty fucking beaners etc should just be thrown over the wall with this

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their due process is perhaps food and water on the trip back

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lmao the literal definition

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fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen's entitlement

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Only way a nation can remain all white is to make it a Constitutional Right to kill any non-white on sight

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Anything else gets jewed down. Government has always been the worst when it comes to guarding racial boundaries. They saved injuns by putting into reservations when whites would happily have exterminated the last of them with militia groups.

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tag team shit-lib trolling getting results:

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@Convo i think polish girl might be dating a portuguese guy and i dont know if i should approve or not

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I don't think Convo has been on for weeks

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he hasnt

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Been busy with school or something

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or killed himself

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Mad I couldn't tease him with pics of Kinga Duda

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yeah but last time he was away and came back to only @ everyone he was sad lol

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I really want this as an office chair

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the real animal hides will really rustle the shit out of libs

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Where's @Convo at

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He's busy with school or something

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hes probably impregnated every polish girl in texas by now tbh

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the real question is whether or not it was consensual

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someone keep an eye on the local news

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Ha 2:12 he says remember Joeseph Goebells.

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Good evening yall

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In case anyone missed it

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Name is darius fitzgerald be tea dubs