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2017-08-18 22:49:36 UTC  

She's the one who interviewed cantwell

2017-08-18 22:49:37 UTC  

aight, no mic though

2017-08-18 22:49:45 UTC  


2017-08-18 22:49:49 UTC  

@AnonMindset are there any right wingers there

2017-08-18 22:50:01 UTC  

They have no permits to protest, they're blocking all the roads, and no fucking arrests

2017-08-18 22:50:01 UTC  

listening to vivaldi right now cant

2017-08-18 22:50:02 UTC  

More like did a hit piece on him

2017-08-18 22:50:08 UTC  

No right wing at all

2017-08-18 22:50:14 UTC  


2017-08-18 22:50:15 UTC  

lol they've lost >8000 today alone

2017-08-18 22:50:28 UTC  

What's the Durham protest about?

2017-08-18 22:50:44 UTC  

the fucker with the pregnant black woman statue is in a 4chan thread right now

2017-08-18 22:50:52 UTC  

prop not a larp

2017-08-18 22:51:04 UTC  

That's the Durham. But alot of us memed the kkk, and they're there blocking all roads

2017-08-18 22:51:24 UTC  

Wait, was there a right wing protest today? Who are they outnumbering?

2017-08-18 22:51:32 UTC  

@Odalman Weev trolled them into thinking that Nazis were gonna run through the town and lynch all the blacks

2017-08-18 22:51:38 UTC  

There's no right wing protest

2017-08-18 22:51:39 UTC  

"Stop making those hate videos you racist slur. Because I don' like hate, you racist slur." Shitlibs are too much. This guy isn't even alt right.

2017-08-18 22:51:56 UTC  

Lol I want to see more fake events we can trick these people into showing up at

2017-08-18 22:52:10 UTC  

Yes @gusphase that's the point

2017-08-18 22:52:19 UTC  

No one should go to Boston

2017-08-18 22:52:24 UTC  

We counter protesting?

2017-08-18 22:52:26 UTC  

Let them arrest themselves

2017-08-18 22:52:36 UTC  

people were not reuping in the army over the possibility of women

2017-08-18 22:52:37 UTC  

Torch at night only

2017-08-18 22:52:39 UTC  

Boston is supposed to be the proud boys though, right

2017-08-18 22:53:01 UTC  

I'm an hour and a half away I can go to support our guys right now if they need help

2017-08-18 22:53:01 UTC  

They've already cancelled it anyway

2017-08-18 22:53:13 UTC  

No, that's dumb. We gotta meme BLM super chimp fir the summer

2017-08-18 22:53:43 UTC  

That was just the proud boys anyway, right?

2017-08-18 22:53:46 UTC  

We ain't there, role chimps up. Troll saying coming with kkk to noose

2017-08-18 22:54:10 UTC  

The Boston thing, I mean.

2017-08-18 22:54:42 UTC  

Ok good. Was pissed I missed out on being there

2017-08-18 22:55:05 UTC  

We haven't had an official summer chimp out where they burn down their own city. Let's have them hurt themselves attacking cops. Let the fucking cops deal worth this shit

2017-08-18 22:56:48 UTC  

@Lupus_Dei - NC unless you are in /ourguy/ IRL groups disregard all talk of /ourguy/ demonstartions.

2017-08-18 22:56:55 UTC  

We are in a disinfo war.

2017-08-18 22:57:19 UTC  

I'm in northern groups. I haven't made contacts in the south yet.

2017-08-18 22:58:01 UTC  

But Roger, noted.