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aight, no mic though

the fucker with the pregnant black woman statue is in a 4chan thread right now

prop not a larp

people were not reuping in the army over the possibility of women

coulter might have marphrans or something

someone said that he talked to Bannon and its so he can be unleashed in the public sphere

no new articles on DS though



Hes being a fag. Give him a week

pregnant black lady statue maker was in a /pol/ thread screaming

it wasnt a larper

pregnant nigger bitch was in baltimore

WBC is just a cult who trolls people so they can sue them when they attack

Actually we do because these dumb fucks don't know who to stand against

i almost died laughing at work with the seance.

d'marcus you should do a segment on one of the shows with that backround music

like a one minute thing

lol now Gab is down


lol that next link down

What you need is military googles or paintball masks

milsurp gas masks are cheap

you have to make sure they have all the parts though

Is it metal to die in a pollen storm?

It was created by an SS guy that got picked up from project paperclip

releasing it was his revenge scheme

there is a bioweapons lab that used to be on an island off of Conneticut

hey that was my plan

I know one guy who has made nearly 2 million with bitcoin speculation

hes not white though


you can shoah an rss?

Im still pissed off I didn't buy a bunch of guns before Sandy Hook

an M1 Garand used to cost 800 bucks now its like 1200

fucking why

Thats a lie

The Korea Garands still never came over

the only old rifle on the market ive seen that is reasonable are the Italian Carcanos

The bitch stopped the importation of Russian shit too including old surplus 762x54r

the market is dry in NE

Any gun shop I go into now maybe has one and it is in bad condition

I shoot Tula, the new brass from serbia is too much

Checked Classic firearms recently. The site was like a grocery store in Venesuala

I hear that about the South in general

everything seems to be 400ish now

I blame battlefield 1

anyone have a niglin?

Its not very metal to be safe

not even red

no one knows

Daily stormer is back!!!!


holy shit they admit it


lol who thinks im AA

I'm honored I guess

Yeah hes Andre Wanglin now so I am taking his original name and identity

someone has to take the heat

I thought that post was a meme

isn't duke a gambling addict who went to prison for embezzeling stuff?

it matters if he was conpromised somehow

boomers are insane. when they go senile they have no foundation

this was in reference to david duke and his broccoli speaches

did the internet cut out completly for anyone else?

down for a few hours

holy shit the daily stormer is actually still up


True blue

shes been working on some moonman stuff

dailystormer.alโ€™s server DNS address could not be found.


It is very haram to have that many wives

and the kebabs knew that causes social chaos


Just a PSA, the heat has died off of 8pol and it looks like the autists there are doing good work again

The stickies are worth reading

oooo its boomer news!

Makes me belive more in this weather modification shit ive been reading about

the HAARP shit

You functions checking an AR Archer?

>price for di animal don climb from Sh 4,000 (like $38) to di current price of Sh 13,000 (like $126).

lol its so unitentionally hilarious.

I think it just wouldn't be possible. Notice how they switch to proper English for even the most basic complex ideas.


I saw his post on Gab

hes saying spencer is shitty and easy to steer into traps

Vox is fucking nuts I was just shitting on him on Gab and he called me a 'gamma' lol

today is a good day to die

its tuesday

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