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2017-08-28 04:28:56 UTC  

isn't duke a gambling addict who went to prison for embezzeling stuff?

2017-08-28 04:28:58 UTC  

@negronaut i think that is fake.

2017-08-28 04:29:56 UTC  

@YankeeLampshade so says the splc

2017-08-28 04:30:01 UTC  

paul town hacked that jews account and is fucking with him lol

2017-08-28 04:30:17 UTC  

He did go to prison for embezzlement, the gambling addict stuff I don't knwo

2017-08-28 04:30:19 UTC  

i wouldn't care even if it was true. We all have our weaknesses

2017-08-28 04:30:29 UTC  

holy chit that cville city counsel meeting reminded me of the murdoch murdoch episode about kekistan

2017-08-28 04:30:30 UTC

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2017-08-28 04:30:53 UTC  

they're real

2017-08-28 04:30:53 UTC  

it matters if he was conpromised somehow

2017-08-28 04:31:00 UTC  

did they have homo erectus there?

2017-08-28 04:31:03 UTC  

but they've bred deleted

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2017-08-28 04:31:13 UTC  

wtf phone

2017-08-28 04:31:28 UTC  

@Zorost about half of the crowd wwas homoerectus

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2017-08-28 04:31:56 UTC  

<:cattlecar:294929813678850049> 🏕 🚿 <:oven:283520357028069376>

2017-08-28 04:32:06 UTC  

they demanded to raise hell and demanded the people wwho got kicked out were allowwed to return

2017-08-28 04:32:21 UTC  

@caffeinated fascist if you want to imagine the future imagine mud hordes screaming at city council members forever.

2017-08-28 04:32:29 UTC  

dey wante vote for air jordans

2017-08-28 04:32:49 UTC  

@☇Unlimited Power☇ that future must be destroyed immediately

2017-08-28 04:32:51 UTC  

need gibs

2017-08-28 04:33:07 UTC  

I hope cville elects wes belamy as actual mayor next time.

2017-08-28 04:33:14 UTC  

it was pure entertianment but i only got through about an hour of it

2017-08-28 04:33:36 UTC  

i can only stomach a level chimpout for an hour at a time

2017-08-28 04:33:53 UTC  

Paul Nehlen 2024

2017-08-28 04:36:54 UTC  

boomers are insane. when they go senile they have no foundation

2017-08-28 04:38:33 UTC  

hard to tell when they go senile, they still talk gibberish. McCain has a tumor eating his brain, and he still sounds the same as 20 years ago

2017-08-28 04:39:26 UTC  

this was in reference to david duke and his broccoli speaches

2017-08-28 04:44:25 UTC  

The guy in the grey hoodie needs a doxxing

2017-08-28 04:53:15 UTC  

Nehlen might be the guy who follows Trump & becomes our mahdi

2017-08-28 04:53:46 UTC  

He's a cool dude. Can confirm.

2017-08-28 04:54:34 UTC  

He is pretty much perfect. Can come across as normal guy, yet appears on A-R podcasts & calls for physical punishment of antifa