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2017-08-31 21:31:24 UTC  

They're non white or cucked or both

2017-08-31 21:34:09 UTC  

theyre symptoms of the disease

2017-08-31 21:36:07 UTC  

@OrwellHuxley omaha, ne

2017-08-31 21:36:17 UTC  

K thx

2017-08-31 21:36:55 UTC  

@ARA1788 of course they are. Lee was kind of a cuck since he wasn't down for bowlcut niggerdeath

2017-08-31 21:37:44 UTC  

So naturally his descendents are worse.

2017-08-31 21:37:51 UTC  

He still fought for muh state rights which by proxy was slavery .. I did read that he was going to release his slaves upon death however?

2017-08-31 21:38:29 UTC  

Edgy opinion, Lincoln shouldn't have been cock blocked by congress, should've been allowed to send all niggers back

2017-08-31 21:38:32 UTC  

So what's up with Cantwell wasn't he supposed toget out today?

2017-08-31 21:42:26 UTC  

they set bail at 25 or something

2017-08-31 21:42:28 UTC

2017-08-31 21:50:00 UTC  

Thot Control

2017-08-31 21:50:05 UTC  

Im opposed to shooting thots. 50 Lashes is more just.

2017-08-31 21:51:23 UTC  

You guys should watch Wolf Creek, it's pretty much thot patrol the movie

2017-08-31 21:51:29 UTC  

FGM for repeated cases.

2017-08-31 21:51:30 UTC  

Pope Francis, who has a strong belief in the science of climate change, called upon world leaders on Wednesday to "listen to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, who suffer most because of the unbalanced ecology."

2017-08-31 21:51:31 UTC  

Gr88 aussie cinema

2017-08-31 21:51:36 UTC  

COMMIE POPE <:noose:283798031592062977>

2017-08-31 21:51:45 UTC  

fuck that faggot pope

2017-08-31 21:52:18 UTC  

@ARA1788 wolf Creek is great

2017-08-31 21:52:21 UTC  

Jesuits are the weakest race believe me

2017-08-31 21:52:24 UTC  


2017-08-31 21:52:37 UTC  

Jesuit Communists Get out of my Papacy. Wicked Avignon anti pope.

2017-08-31 21:54:07 UTC  

I really hope ISIS follows through.

2017-08-31 21:54:44 UTC  

that would be glorious. we could get a proper war pope

2017-08-31 21:54:53 UTC  

none of this pozd third world crap

2017-08-31 21:55:09 UTC  

one from poland who cries conquest at night and reconquista at day

2017-08-31 21:57:55 UTC  

@erz1871 I think an Ethiopean Pope might genocide him some muslims.

2017-08-31 21:58:23 UTC  

We need another Pole or Italian though.

2017-08-31 22:12:01 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:25:39 UTC  

@Zorost rip your twitter.

2017-08-31 22:26:08 UTC  

why u ping me!

2017-08-31 22:26:12 UTC  
2017-08-31 22:26:14 UTC  

y u everryone me fgt

2017-08-31 22:26:15 UTC  


2017-08-31 22:26:17 UTC  

its worth it