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2017-09-03 00:32:51 UTC  

The police in the north are pretty based

2017-09-03 00:32:59 UTC  

"Investigating" jokes and letting real criminals run free

2017-09-03 00:32:59 UTC  

Especially where I live

2017-09-03 00:33:30 UTC  

Oh shit they're knocking down my door now

2017-09-03 00:33:50 UTC  

I forgot to pay my knife bills

2017-09-03 00:33:55 UTC  


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2017-09-03 00:35:08 UTC  

Oh shit the WPCs in hijabs got him

2017-09-03 00:35:30 UTC  

I've managed to fend them off

2017-09-03 00:35:41 UTC  

I threw a white girl at them

2017-09-03 00:35:43 UTC  

F for kebab meat

2017-09-03 00:36:00 UTC  

Should sate them for a few days

2017-09-03 00:36:45 UTC  

F for respek

2017-09-03 00:37:17 UTC  

Mohammad's Kebabs, now with 20% more raped 14 year old White girl

2017-09-03 00:37:47 UTC  

Coming to a local no go zone near you

2017-09-03 00:38:26 UTC  

We've Been pretty lucky to not have no go zones here so far

2017-09-03 00:38:36 UTC  

At least not that I know of

2017-09-03 00:40:34 UTC  

It's like a black hole, you can't come back to tell us about your experiences

2017-09-03 00:50:00 UTC  

Celebrate tiki nationalism!

2017-09-03 00:50:08 UTC

2017-09-03 00:50:20 UTC

2017-09-03 00:51:02 UTC  

Y'all are missing out. Have a pool party tonight!

2017-09-03 00:53:16 UTC  

Have fun duder!!!

2017-09-03 00:55:01 UTC  

We are!

2017-09-03 00:59:39 UTC  

scorpion bowls are implictely asian, yuge

2017-09-03 01:02:27 UTC  

@Arch Dornan you're deafened

2017-09-03 01:23:08 UTC  
2017-09-03 01:25:01 UTC  

@badtanman false volcano bowlcut nationalism. @Vic_Mackey shop a bowlcut onto that volcano bowl

2017-09-03 01:30:15 UTC

2017-09-03 01:30:25 UTC  

@here My take on the bugman, as follows:

Kipling called the savage "half devil and half child", the bugman is man de-civilized, yet compliant.
The eternal child, so to speak.
No longer do all the pressures apply, that made low time preference, and high intelligence advantageous.
The bugman is a non-violent nigger.
Much like the Russian foxes, selected only for tameness
So here's the question, if the bugman is selected for behavioral neoteny, has physical neoteny followed parallel?
And is that what we may be mistakenly attributing to soy?

2017-09-03 01:31:28 UTC  

They're also Nietzsche's last man.

2017-09-03 01:31:59 UTC  

And physiognomy and soy are real.

2017-09-03 01:32:11 UTC  

daily reminder

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