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I always say that when I get i decent invite

Im thankful for the invite @D'Marcus Liebowitz

hhhhhh-how'd ya know.....must be the feral mud warrior genes

Im stoked to be here bro, truly

Hey all

cucks meet your god

I'd like to slap the fucking taste out of this faggots mouth

Why does this person exist^^^^^

Right......hes more of a faggot cuck by the sec

Wheres a charger when you need one.......antifa bowling


>say everything went just as planned

>much success


According to police chief, 99.9 of things went smoothly

whats a little shower

poz squad

I feel like micheal douglas in that movie where he snapped

thats the one

weird I cannot hear the voice chat



Beats opiates

but I dont smoke it myself

just because I cant handle it

makes me ill

Im good with beer]

Me too

just personal choice

I dont give a fuck what other people do

How are you taking it??

Yeah once the cats out of the bag.....its just rehashing info

I think FTN got shoahed from spreaker

blow him sloppy like.....he deserves it

likely not

tor cucking yesterday made me uneasy as fuck

The misspelling is intentional

Why the actual fuck would we pretend to be antifa

or not

the smell tho.....


I dont even like curds and whey

Yeah he confirmed in his own book that he blew a trannie

Like our feed back would make a difference

just drink

18 here

the legal age is 18 40

Appletons goes well with most mix

Is evalion her sister??? undercover??

Yeah shes a hot mess


shes on pornhub ramming plastic into her box

ginger ale it is

emily needs seed

shes a good girl

enochs mommy unironically posing with hillary clinton

nothing to see here

Yeah the factual info is enough to get a no from me

Backing Antifa likely isnt his best play TBH

it makes him look weak as fuck

Unwashed people break shit and assault people..... "Wow...what a great show of Americana"

And fricking sharks with laser beads attached to their heads


who oh who could it be???

the amish??

the suspense is killing me

I burped....I feel better

dafuq is an alarm gun

gabs not down

just logged in


well it doesnt completely suck anymore

but I wouldnt make it a habit yet

boomer heaven over there

its ok its just very moderate conservative

Yeah thats a huge plus


Johnny got da dox

Yeah but he had flyers circulated at his jobsite to the niggers


thats brutal

the joke

the dox hurt less

yup, but hes a big man.......oh....wait

hoping so ...... was kinda following that storyline but im not sure

familes are key

awesome spelling from me.....participation trophy

*creeping cancer infuses the room

shouldnt this be in the oven thread??

Dr Duke is jacked

hes a legit big dude

has anyone seen duke IRL hes no joke

Well hes big and fit as fuck

the thought of a rockwell podcast makes my hair stand on end

the vocals, he had them

yup gab's down

not a shock

make a million dollars

must silence

Gabs a grey area TBH

Non white owners disavowing and threatening legal action on political poasts

while raking in the dough

read up on their political violence post

gimmie a few secs

but yeah

wait gab is down

how da fuk do I poast

As gabs super unoffical spokesperson..... jews

human sized e-cigs fuelled by kike fat

thats the future

niggerball is highly overrated

I'd rather dropkick then breed

the wreck is prettier than her

and thats saying alot

shes smoking

they avoided a coat hanger...theyre prepped

shes an 8

on a bad day

plus shes /ourgirl/ as seen by the cville afterparty

fuck (((rebel media)))

I cant wait for cernobitch to go live on infowars in "the warroom" the memes will be magic

yes lets just get homicidal instead

I dont even care about statues......just realize this is a jumping off point to attack IRL people

Im not American

I get it but the big picture needs to be taken into focus\


😂 😂

Le squashed Merchant

Being white and loud

Theyre not fucking around anymore.....

Yeah theyre going to no platform us online and dox us IRL

But fuck it, we cant give up now

Esp. not now theyve overplayed the antiwhite card

Even normies are like WTF??

🙄 Sounds terrible

Yeah they must have tore through the books to find that law

PLS no kike

Yes thought policing is now a thing

Wrongthink will get you jailed

whispers.........(((the jews)))

If anyone wasnt JQ'd in this chat I'd have a stoke or summtin

its a possibility

pls no shoah

ugh any good news today??


Yeah its been a bad week.

vidya games

Yeah Im a FPS and racing junkie

Yeah Anitfa are kinda doing our work for us

are they still at .lol

I heard they got shoahed this morning??

I dunno I just got home.....I'm playing catchup

This morning FTN stormer and gab were all down

I was like WTF

confirmed good link


but it will fry your location settings and break google playstore

just a warning

^^^^ good advice

Gab posted it.....googles trying to buy them out or at least control the content


Sheckles are a hella drug

I dont think torbas going for it though

otherwise it wouldnt be posted

🙄 oh well they already croudsourced over a mil

He better not fuck us now

Apps are overrated

just shortcut the URL ffs remember why we're here.....the beauty and culture of the white race.....this is the fight


sorry chat folks my dog just projectile vomited

gotta clean

boxers puke bigly

Le squashed merch

Laura looks like a stunt double in the upcoming release of Stephen Kings IT

I remember those

^^^ sounds about right

1. Green Day 2. Nickleback 3. Third Eye Blind


Sabaton is life

Pamela (((Geller))) might be the most jewish woman in history

the sound of her voice makes ovens burn 50 degrees hotter

Lucky Charms has a new poster boy

theres a meme there somewhere


because you hate yourself??

only possible reason

come back from the edge....


This pope is a collassal faggot

Da fuggin moon be rasssssssssssssssis n sheeeeeeeeeeeeit

We need the nuclear football
the race war could be over in 30 mins

Vice is terminal cancer

All the pozz

Fuck thats cringy


all the cuck

inclusive even

Theyre cernobitches blue pillth

plot twist

Theyre over publicized, not overly big

Im a leaf

we're not all cucked

Im canadian and I own firearms

I have 2 long rifles a shotty and one bedside and one walk around pieces

Should be 2 flags, the white flag then everyone elses

We was honarary MD's n shhhhhhheiiiit

doggos make best awoooo

mumbles r us

@ImKawaiiSenpai if you're sweet talking you're doing an awesome job

major storm here.......fook

house is rattling

same work in the am

and people with like jobs and stuff

My dogs farts smell like dead considering firing him.

Theres less stinky dogs that would eat less kibble

I didnt realize Glenn Beck still existed.....

Sad really

Remember when some people actually took him seriously??

Its funny niggers hate successful blacks moar then racist whites

Bhut I thought evil natzees were the real terrorists @NuckFigures

Is this real??

Meh theyre right.....kill all noggers


^^^proud papa

14 words bro no future without white fathers

And the rest end up at milos house roofied playing some classic rock on my station if anyones interested

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