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2017-09-03 18:40:12 UTC  

yeah not being a piece of shit really rustles these people

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@Vanguard Beauty is a direct affront to equality.

2017-09-03 18:43:09 UTC  

I first noticed how quick it whips up the left

2017-09-03 18:43:48 UTC  

was at a trump event largely just listening but had on a tailored 3 piece suit and overcoat on, hermes tie and this mystery meet at megaphone zeroed in on me and went into the privillege tirade

2017-09-03 18:44:10 UTC  

which then in turn I was started bantzing and they were chimping I was standing next to a cop who was just lolling the entire time

2017-09-03 18:44:36 UTC  

I was on some news clip in back ground trolling someone, a few friends snap chatted it to me

2017-09-03 18:44:40 UTC  

"patrick bateman on the loose"

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but oh well

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this melania article is semi lol

2017-09-03 18:45:51 UTC  

kind of pathetic

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@northern_confederate da real fascist chart

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This gray rant is hilarious

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@OrwellHuxley @Vanguard
Very true. The tweet that got talib kweli chimping out was on how black women are ugly and undesired in dating sites even by black men. Had him ookooking for 2 days on that.

So I blame ugly black women for my 7 day ban

2017-09-03 19:38:28 UTC  

You did get banned?

2017-09-03 19:38:45 UTC  

suspended for 7 days, had to delete this tweet too:

2017-09-03 19:39:06 UTC

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Out of all of them that was the one lol

2017-09-03 19:39:53 UTC  

hate makes them stronger, laughter kicks them in the nuts

2017-09-03 19:40:03 UTC  

It's very true

2017-09-03 19:40:11 UTC  

i never used slurs so i don't think they could find anyuthing to outright ban me

2017-09-03 19:40:14 UTC  

Mock these people

2017-09-03 19:41:07 UTC  

"excuse me sir, i hate to be bad, but thine women art ugly. Furthermore, their attitude is similar to that of a wildebeest with one of your spears stuck in its ass"

2017-09-03 19:41:45 UTC  

Did talib block you?

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so i have that to look forward to in 7 days

2017-09-03 19:43:19 UTC  

You're on a 4chan kick huh

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i remembered i wasnt' following best of 4chan on twatter

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chimp on chimp violence