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can u smmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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what the rock is cooking!

People writing Guardian Articles and they haven't even left the office to meet these people

2018-06-28 18:24:40 UTC  

left their office? i bet they havent left their couch

Well that one time to interview at the Guardian

2018-06-28 19:15:03 UTC  

lol welcome to censorship 101

Unsubscribe from Netflix

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Yes, yes it is

2018-06-28 20:44:44 UTC  

This is the leftโ€™s problem. They have too many issues they care about, like the LGBT/Islam clash. Itโ€™s become almost impossible for them to have internal consistency due to the vast number of things they have to account for.

2018-06-28 20:45:54 UTC  

They present their 'side' as being a total set of beliefs you must hold, all at the same time, and if you don't, you get takfir'd.

2018-06-28 20:47:45 UTC  

I mean, I'm in that group of 'not real lefties'

2018-06-28 20:48:09 UTC  

Mhm. Theyโ€™ve also bitten off more than they can chew in order to garner support from small groups, trying to give everyone a slice of the pie, whereas the right appeals to the larger groups, and (what you would think) would be most sensible people.

2018-06-28 20:48:45 UTC  

I believe in a shit ton of pretty damn left positions, but because I don't subscribe to IdPol or 'capitalism is inherently a bad thing' I'm a card-carrying member of the right wing death squads.

2018-06-28 20:50:36 UTC  

somi im sure ur not alone in being labeled that way

2018-06-28 20:51:17 UTC  

Youโ€™re then part of the โ€œold leftโ€

2018-06-28 20:51:35 UTC  

honestly im a person who hate labels

2018-06-28 20:51:36 UTC  

Or the liberal left

2018-06-28 20:52:12 UTC  

Labels are useful but get confusing

2018-06-28 20:52:15 UTC  

because once a label is stuck on u

2018-06-28 20:52:30 UTC  

it makes things too interesting when the meaning of the label changed

2018-06-28 20:52:39 UTC  

or is co-op by idiots

2018-06-29 00:21:57 UTC  

Kim jong-un

2018-06-29 00:22:08 UTC  

Is the big oof

2018-06-29 00:22:15 UTC  

And somehow the media would want him over trump

2018-06-29 00:22:25 UTC  

Because Trump is an (((autocrat)))

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i love this

2018-06-29 06:52:14 UTC  

Our fine libertarian senator in Australia told a feminist to fuck off today.

2018-06-29 06:57:40 UTC  

it's about bloody time they finally legalise weed