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I think I'll wait for mid-week and have Lana explain the deep philosophical meaning of today's Free Speech event. Her keen feminine insights will likely detect hidden double standards and shit that the White male's untrained eye could never detect. And to think, I can get all this and little peep show for only $20/month. Our victory is near certain.

2017-06-25 16:44:59 UTC  

Is the heat getting to you Jimmy? Maybe you need a backyard pond soak. Enjoy the cool water, enjoy the sunshine.

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In honor of today's Seattle Pride Parade, a little walk down memory lane (2014) might be in order.

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Yeah @Artair

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That was a fun morning. For those who don't know, seapea organized a flyer drive on Capitol Hill on the morning of Seattle's premier Gay Pride Parade. He called for a meetup at 4 AM at the IHOP. When I rolled in the parking lot was swarming with niggers and as I walked among them to enter the building I remembered that I had a "I love White people" bumper sticker on my car. Inside was as jam packed with niggers as the outside. I found two stout lads waiting for me at a table and joined them. Tic.. toc... tic ....toc... and still no fucking sign of seapea. Finally someone gets a call on his cellphone and it's seapea saying "jesus fucking christ, you guys, I meant "outside" the IHOP". Somehow, we got the fuck outa there and met up with seapea down the block. I think maybe we got out 1200 flyers that morning, but maybe that's just an old man's grandiose self-memorializing.

2017-06-25 17:45:15 UTC  

heh, 1200 is correct.

2017-06-25 17:49:34 UTC  

It's also interesting for me to notice my posture in the last photo of the slideshow above, feet everted/swaybacked. Seapea later converted me to zero drop footwear and my posture/back pain has improved rather significantly.

2017-06-25 17:50:12 UTC  

Elevated heels will bring you down in the long run.

2017-06-25 17:51:53 UTC  

yeah, decades of terrible engineering on the part of the footwear industry.

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Anything going on today?

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"rose city"

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Those fuckers

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I'd be surprised if they even knew Roseburg existed

2017-06-25 19:43:08 UTC  

Or if all their wealth comes from the logging buisness down there

2017-06-25 20:22:56 UTC  

@Australopithecus Jordan please notify wen we have flags. We need to then plan

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@Jimmy Marr please see poster in <#301458554919845888>

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Lets try that one next

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@Fluxis their wealth comes from soros

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Making stickers soon. Shoot me ideas if u have any

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Got links for Soros connections? I thought I was done with him after pizzagate dropped

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Green wreath with a blue ribbon & a white bird might look good.

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Copy that

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Here @Fluxis

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Thanks Brother

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@everyone should watch that video

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Yeah what he said

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It's actually concrete evidence

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*Mossad did 9/11*

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Alright so we keep pissing off anti-fa until they actually try to fight us

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No sir.

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Well, we bait them, yes.