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2017-06-27 18:32:51 UTC  

It's part of the natural order of things

2017-06-27 18:33:03 UTC  

I'm not racist. I love niggers, spics, chinks, and sub humans. They always remind me I am from the lineage of god-men and how superior I am over animals.

2017-06-27 18:33:19 UTC  

I really only see semites as subhumans

2017-06-27 18:33:25 UTC  

I see blacks as sub-whites

2017-06-27 18:33:31 UTC  

they want to be us but cant and wont be

2017-06-27 18:33:32 UTC  

nigger lover

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2017-06-27 18:33:51 UTC  

off to work. will check back in

2017-06-27 18:35:35 UTC  

Hard to say who loves niggers more, @Wehrmacht or @Siegurd It's going to be cutthroat competition around here this summer.

2017-06-27 18:36:20 UTC  

I'm sure @DatGoy will be a contender, too.

2017-06-27 18:36:32 UTC  

banner mock-up, dimensions: 1x8

2017-06-27 18:36:49 UTC  

Looks dandy

2017-06-27 18:37:19 UTC  

banner gud

2017-06-27 18:38:25 UTC  

@Jimmy Marr lay off my token nigger friend. he is just like me except he has more melanin. he's just sub-White.

2017-06-27 18:39:00 UTC  

Yeah, sorry.

2017-06-27 18:40:08 UTC  

@seapea my main graphic nigger.

2017-06-27 18:40:09 UTC  

I think we need to take a class field trip to Oakland, CA...or perhaps Compton/Inglewood. Then we can see the sub-Whites in their natural environment. Get enriched by the similarity of our cultures.

2017-06-27 18:42:03 UTC  

Seapea is black? woah, sorry buddy, disregard all my jokes. I'm not racist. Can I show you by giving you money and perhaps access to White women?

2017-06-27 18:44:42 UTC  

Nigger sightings are up 3000% in my neighborhood from 3 years ago. I'm even seeing them at the little grocer where I get my morning coffee. Just this morning there was one dressed in one of those bandana-patterned hoodies who touched the door handle less than a mini before I did!

2017-06-27 18:47:12 UTC  

Yesterday I was walking past the park and there was one chimping out to some of that music with the sick beats, that talks about doing/selling drugs; he was waving his little stubby dreads around and enriching all the poor neighborhood families who just wanted to play with their kids...

2017-06-27 18:49:01 UTC  

I sure hope that if we wave enough banners around we can save all these poor misguided souls from demographic and cultural replacement...

2017-06-27 18:50:27 UTC  

I get the black problem, but that are a honor sapien species no?

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2017-06-27 18:51:24 UTC  

They're a sub species e.g. sunhuman

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2017-06-27 18:51:58 UTC  

If that's the logic, absolutely

2017-06-27 18:52:46 UTC  

I don't care what we wanna call em, what matters to me are the practical applications of having to live amongst them.

2017-06-27 18:54:02 UTC  

Having already lived in Oakland. The California one

2017-06-27 18:54:51 UTC  

Total ethnic cleansing of all non-White races from Earth (secret goal)...don't tell anyone.

2017-06-27 18:55:20 UTC  

If we set our goal high then at minimum we will preserve the existence of our people and a future for White children.

2017-06-27 18:55:53 UTC  

Reach for the moon, even if you fall short you will still be amongst the stars. TOTAL ARYAN VICTORY

2017-06-27 18:56:56 UTC  

Call me crazy but I believe natural order will decree there is one race of man on Earth in due time. That race will either be a mongoloid low culture mix, or it will be AMR. You choose.

2017-06-27 18:57:48 UTC  

>dying in the cold dark of infinite space

2017-06-27 18:58:02 UTC  

All we're going to by waving flags and banners around is to accelerate the inevitable, so maybe even old boomers can see a little action before we check out

2017-06-27 18:58:42 UTC  

>in a high tech space vehicle that can travel to 1,000,000 different Earth surrogates to seed with our DNA.

2017-06-27 18:59:54 UTC  

TFW SDH changes his post to be even more black pilled.

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2017-06-27 19:00:59 UTC  

>can't even lebensraum own town
>plans to conquer a million star systems