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@everyone New day, new general

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New general, new me

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Fuck niggers

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**First Name:** David
**State:** Mississippi
**Political Ideology:** Democrat
**Religious Beliefs:** Atheist
**Why do you want to join?:** You mother fuckers are stupid as fuck. Nobody who has more than a third grade education is gonna listen to you dumb fucks. What a bunch of pussy ass bitches. I hope “savages” fuck your mothers and wives tonight.
**What skills can you offer?:** Recording videos of “savages” fucking your mothers

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They're so uncreative. I've heard the "GONNA HAVE YO WIFE O MOM MUH DIK MUH DIK" so many times.

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And in this case it's him vicariously muh dik'ing through blacks to imagine them raping people he hates.

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Truly cucky behavior.

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He like acknowledges that "savages" are prone to non consensual sex acts

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Pls post more stuff like this Thomas. It soothes and amplifies my hatred for normies

2018-01-16 18:48:31 UTC

`I like Emily, but until I hear that she's nursing a baby and making a home, she's just a smarter more talented Lauren Southern.`

`That's utterly ridiculous.
Obviously, you didn't listen to the show.
And people who keep saying that our women must immediately start making babies to save us are foolish.
You can't out-breed an invasion.
We're at war.
It's "all hands on deck".
Our number-one mission is to wake our people up.`

"All hands on deck" means women are acting like men to be big strong activists while ignoring their precious remaining time of being able to start a family? And more women in the movement having children and families would not be a better influence than podcasts? And it's not about soley out-breeding an invaision, it's about having women do what they need to do, and to say that upping the birthrate of successful far-right families won't help us is farcical.

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People really have this dogma against mothers, it’s odd. Women think it’s so beneath them to do what they’re literally meant to do. Plus, these women are trying to be Internet personalities for money let’s not forget that. Even if they did have genuine intentions, they’re making such a minimal impact by what they’re doing. Who really listens to these women talk? They’re just perceived as more appealing because right wing men view them as a token for the ideas that they probably don’t even have. Best thing they can do is have white children of good mind and good stock, because god knows they’ll be outnumbered.

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While I do think Emily is sincere in her views there exists a cognitive dissonance I can't get over as long as she's not wifed up. Every time she pops up the first thought in my mind is why aren't you married with a bun in the oven?

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Women should be able to communicate our ideas to other women, but they absolutely should not pretend they're intellectuals. God created women to aid man and nurse children, anything else is feminist nonsense.

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Women will join any old ideology that seems to excite them. Their lives are dull and unfulfilled because kikes tell them they need to be in the workplace or backpacking through some shithole country. They grow bored and stagnant and join up with dumbass pussy-hat women march bullshit. Its kind of funny in a way, thots are most easily swayed. Ive turned about 3 thots into semi-fashy shiksas in high school because i laid some good pipe. Got two out of three to absolutely HATE nogs. The woman im with now is fucking great. Hates niggers and can smell Der Jude from a quarter mile away. Im totally trying to put a ring on it and start squeezing out some pups but our current situation doesn’t allow for that atm

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Accidentally ended up wearing my Fash The Nation shirt to work boys

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Make the world Fashionable.

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I just made a gab, follow me and I'll follow you @ArmaVirumqueCano

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Same here. @whitelivesmatterman

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I followed and reposted a bunch

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@BDthanRed 👈🏻👍🏻

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I can't find good fashy merch for the life of me.

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Add @goygicy too

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That shirt in the featured image there is a crazy clash of various optics.

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I knew you would complain

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That site is ***def*** not for you thomas.