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They keep POZ limited honestly

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Im constantly on high alert

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on the plus with netflix every pice of kikery they add they seem to counter add something

2017-12-01 14:47:16 UTC  

I was in a pagan group chat at one time we were talking about how marvel has taken parts of our lore and myth and most were not happy

2017-12-01 14:47:32 UTC  

I just know Punisher touches on the heroin epidemic linked to Afghanistan, PTSD, and other political stuff sorta from our side... But still lays complete blame on Goyim politicians and military lol

2017-12-01 14:49:07 UTC  

old libritarian me liked that lmao though I was not aware of (((them))) at the time

2017-12-01 14:49:43 UTC  

I feel im going more right by the day

2017-12-01 14:50:01 UTC  

I really dont see right/left anymore

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this is true I guess right in our sense lol

2017-12-01 14:50:54 UTC  

If being racialist is right-wing, then social democrats may as well be called that lol

2017-12-01 14:51:35 UTC  

But i get what you mean

2017-12-01 14:51:35 UTC  

But i get what you mean

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Its just a paradigm thats blurring

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yeah nat soc is more center athoritarian I think if it had to be put on something

2017-12-01 14:52:37 UTC  

There are forces of Light and virtue vs forces of Materialism

2017-12-01 15:08:06 UTC  

@AltCelt(IL) hanged in some circles lol, important difference

2017-12-01 15:09:10 UTC  

I posted a "Fascist Take on Big Lebowski" on the TRS forum. Only post I ever made.

They wanted blood..

2017-12-01 15:18:48 UTC  

There is only truth and falsehood

2017-12-01 15:19:17 UTC  

National Socialism is just the acknowledgement of the laws of nature/universal truth

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It has no political spectrum. The NSDAP was just a physical manifestation of National Socialism.

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NS is the manifestation the collective Will of the Volk form to call on the Gods

2017-12-01 16:30:37 UTC  

Tim Heaphy delivers final findings of independent review into Charlottesville summer rallies.

Police Chief Al Thomas said, "Let them fight. it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly."

2017-12-01 16:30:39 UTC  

NS is the political application of natural law. Straight up.

2017-12-01 16:31:13 UTC  

Fucking Charlottesville...

2017-12-01 16:31:32 UTC  

We're going to be in the fallout of that shit for a while still, it seems.

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fucking semite....

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i'm already triggered

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Yeah he's been running a lot of damage control for the shitshow police work

2017-12-01 16:34:45 UTC  

I am in the NS movement from a place of love, but MAN... I cannot help but hate semitic people...

2017-12-01 16:34:52 UTC  

"Stand down order is not a term police use" then he goes on to explain that stand down is exactly what they did anyway

2017-12-01 16:35:09 UTC  

yeah thats bullshit ^

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I feel ya there, I'm sure everyone here can relate

2017-12-01 16:36:08 UTC  

let the semites be semites in their own semite lands, completely disconnected from me and my nation and i won't hate them.

2017-12-01 16:36:19 UTC  

until then....

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They're incapable of keeping that huge fucking noses out of our business, it's in their disgusting nature.

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I believe that to be true