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We wuz viktimz an sheeeiittttt

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That band is using music to bring Islam and Zionism together against white Christians

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Point blank

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Metal in general has already done a good job of alienating Christians

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This shit just makes it 10x worse

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How are they attacking Christianity?

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These Jews and Islamic folk are both semites so of course they’re going to unite, but they did it in a leftist way in the video, giving the false image of “unity”

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Islam and Zionism is an attack on Christianity

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At the end of the video it saya

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With respect to Judaism and islam

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Not one mention of Christianity so out of the 3 major religions ya leave one out

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What’s the message then?

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Seems obvious to me, though they’re being subtle because they’re on a big label

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@Justin Burger (Major-GA) well duh, we want an organic society, not tyranny. Self defense is a huge part of anglo-saxon common law

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Media attacking our boy again

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Friday Activism Anyone?

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Don't let me be the only asshole posting activism videos on here 😉

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Middle Eastern Aryans need to adopt Zoroastrianism. It's waaay cooler than Islam.

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Some of the finest art I've ever seen.

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@Michael its extension 6 I guess you figured it out though!! Thank you!! Hope they got a lot of calls I had all my local voys call today

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Yea man, I called, spoke with the operator, gave her a polite piece of mind and then left a message for the director. I put it in all the servers Im in, hopefully their anti-white lunch gets disrupted.

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Did you listen to the recording?

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UN Emergency talks on Trump giving the nosebergs Jerusalem. Kike opens up with "muh shekel found in jurusalem dating to the year after we got exiled"

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Found this gem of a comment on Reddit:

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sorry that happened to you.

for what it's worth I used to be racist myself. I used to say these jokes and thought it was funny and edgey and whatever else. I thought I fit in with the people I was sharing the jokes with.

the somewhere along the line around the age of 24 or so I suddenly developed a sense of empathy and started calling people out myself, I started changing how I was and stopped being bigoted all together.

hopefully those people that said that mean stuff to you grew up and evolved and challenged themselves to become better people.

My best friend saved me from racism one day simply by calling me out. After I said the n word about something in a videogame or whatever I honestly cannot what event sparked that word from my mouth and it really doesn't matter. he said "You're a fucking pussy"

I took the bait and asked him what he was talking about

he said something along the lines of "Any white man using that word is a fucking pussy, you would never say that to a black person or if a black person was in the room or if you didn't have a safety net of like minded racists to back you up. that makes you a straight up pussy for saying that"

he blew my mind with that and I mark that day as the day I started my journey towards no longer being a racist/asshole or whatever else you wanna call it.

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His friend was right for all the wrong reasons

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Something something clap

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Yeah this story is undoubtedly correct and heterosexual

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*slow clap*

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Well you got me. Just because I wouldn't say it in front of a pack of wild niggers to preserve my own life, I guess racist are pussies and I should just be a progressive now

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"People who have unpopular opinions are cowards"

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What a wonderful way to live.