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2017-02-11 02:19:10 UTC  


2017-02-11 02:19:39 UTC  

I love the disgusting picasso garbage artwork which totally epitomizes the sick postmodern psychosis of this entire website.

2017-02-11 03:29:50 UTC  

It is rather dehumanizing

2017-02-11 16:05:36 UTC  

@parrott Here's an ego booster for you, no matter how low you go, you'll never be this fucking low energy:

2017-02-14 21:15:49 UTC  

Greetings, comrades!

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2017-02-15 01:24:08 UTC  

Greetings gents

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2017-02-15 11:58:18 UTC  

Gee, I sure wish someone who had anything to do with that were here

2017-02-15 16:39:11 UTC  

Apparently Aussies are hardcore as fuck

2017-02-15 20:09:31 UTC  

Haha @Sean

2017-02-15 22:04:49 UTC  

I'm legit now XD

2017-02-15 22:06:40 UTC  

Good job

2017-02-15 22:59:03 UTC  

We are all over the place

2017-02-15 22:59:07 UTC  

Its awesome

2017-02-17 01:52:44 UTC

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2017-02-17 11:34:45 UTC  

I made the SPLC Hatewatch and I'm not even a seppo

2017-02-17 11:35:06 UTC  

Got that international kabal hot on my tail

2017-02-18 01:07:48 UTC  

I'm moving to Indiana next week, officially

2017-02-18 01:22:11 UTC  

Awesome sauce.

2017-03-04 04:47:17 UTC  

hell yeah, we're all over the map. we put TWP and WLM on the map in the DFW, Texas area

2017-03-04 04:58:02 UTC  

Hey. I'm in Lubbock right now taking care of my mom.

2017-03-04 04:58:14 UTC  

I may be here a while

2017-03-07 19:05:14 UTC  

God tier troll challenge: get an article published on

2017-03-14 19:19:48 UTC  

@MatthewHeimbach lel, every since that MF episode I keep hearing thots instead of thoughts in varius things I've been listening to, and its been hilarious

2017-03-16 03:26:22 UTC  

Dutch election in progress

2017-03-17 18:32:41 UTC  

@Akhnaton haha thanks comrade

2017-03-17 18:32:45 UTC  

So how are you guys doing?

2017-03-17 18:34:08 UTC  

Good. I'm in Southeast New Mexico right now dealing with my mother's estate. This shit is a pain in the ass. She passed away on the 14th.

2017-03-17 21:40:18 UTC  

My condolences

2017-03-17 22:35:49 UTC  

No problem. Thank you

2017-03-17 23:42:43 UTC  

I'm in Serbia and the election campaign here has been getting autistic.

2017-03-18 00:04:45 UTC  

Why are you in Serbia?

2017-03-18 00:09:03 UTC  

Why wouldnt I be, its the fatherland

2017-03-19 18:33:01 UTC  

Did this convo die down?