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2017-03-09 14:28:52 UTC  

The premise of the video is that the federal reserve headed by janet yellen is going to try to intentionally harm the US economy to damage Trump and that Israel is going to try to draw the US into war with Syria and/or Iran

2017-03-09 14:29:19 UTC  

And some stuff about how the CIA could try to remove Trump somehow

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2 mins till WIKILEAKS press conference

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2017-03-09 15:22:39 UTC  

Assange talking about the vault 7 stuff

2017-03-09 15:22:42 UTC  

Nothing really interesting yet

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Isn't assange dead?

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2017-03-09 15:50:35 UTC  

why would wl keep his death a secret, then?

2017-03-09 15:50:43 UTC  

and why would wl keep publishing secret shit like this?

2017-03-09 15:50:47 UTC  

unless we're being meme'd

2017-03-09 15:55:12 UTC  

>He doesn't know that wikileaks is controlled by (((them))) now, and that the original team is waging a war to get it back

2017-03-09 15:56:05 UTC  

>using (((echoes)))

2017-03-09 15:56:09 UTC  

why even live?

2017-03-09 15:56:26 UTC  

@Dangerlurking >Reichsb├╝rger

They're Americans

2017-03-09 15:57:03 UTC  

It's 2020 - 3, get with the times man.

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2017-03-09 16:27:33 UTC  

we might of found it

2017-03-09 16:36:31 UTC  

We've found what, exactly?

2017-03-09 16:41:09 UTC  

@Lord Joe >Historic Latta Plantation

2017-03-09 16:42:47 UTC  

We need to rename all platations to equality farms because muh slaves

2017-03-09 16:44:57 UTC  

Convert them into concentration camps for whites

2017-03-09 16:46:46 UTC

2017-03-09 16:47:55 UTC  

I wonder who this idea could be the work of.

2017-03-09 16:49:39 UTC  

What did we find? A Starbucks field?

2017-03-09 17:29:13 UTC  

^ when the matzah ball soup's cooked just right

2017-03-09 18:20:08 UTC
id like to encourage you all to take a look at this website. its the first real fascist party i've ever seen, and though it's a bit LARPy, i think it has potential

2017-03-09 18:32:25 UTC

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Goddamn this state

2017-03-09 18:37:25 UTC Is he officially our prophet?

2017-03-09 18:38:43 UTC  

@gort "The alleged purity of the race or the blood of any nation is a groundless myth. It is found only in savage groups, and even there it is rare." I stopped reading after that

2017-03-09 18:39:45 UTC  

Frankly that's how Mussolini viewed race. I wholeheartedly disagree with him.

2017-03-09 18:40:56 UTC  

@Charlemango From my limited understanding of genetics.. race is a myth so to speak... but it is one that is worth maintaining .

2017-03-09 18:41:07 UTC  

Also I gotta say, Mussoli's granddaughter is pretty hot for her age