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2017-05-22 07:14:58 UTC  

When material conditions improve, because of Marxist thought, then so does the quality of art, which is reflected in the minds of artists as materialist thought.

2017-05-22 07:15:46 UTC  

@Deleted User not only

2017-05-22 07:15:55 UTC  

@Corset What do you mean, it makes everything relative?

2017-05-22 07:15:55 UTC  

subjectively too.

2017-05-22 07:16:14 UTC  

@Deleted User matter is constant and relative

2017-05-22 07:16:34 UTC  

At the same time

2017-05-22 07:16:59 UTC  

@Corset Do Marxists only think like materialists?

2017-05-22 07:17:21 UTC  

@Deleted User yes, otherwise they are not Marxist

2017-05-22 07:17:38 UTC  

It is fundamental

2017-05-22 07:20:26 UTC  
2017-05-22 07:21:43 UTC  

I think I understand now. Making art is just apart of human life. It is perverts by profit motives and other falsehoods. But when the perversion is gone, humans are able to express themselves with better quality. They remove perversion with materialist thought. But art is not the aim. Materialist thought and Marxist thought just allows humans to express with better qualify, free from perverted motives.

2017-05-22 07:22:03 UTC  

@Corset So then, is art and music ultimately necessary?

2017-05-22 07:22:20 UTC  
2017-05-22 07:22:50 UTC  

nothing is ultimate, friend.

2017-05-22 07:23:12 UTC  

Matter is moving.

2017-05-22 07:23:23 UTC  

Change is flowing.

2017-05-22 07:23:48 UTC  

@Corset How much should revolutionaries indulge in music? Is it only to increase revolution?

2017-05-22 07:23:56 UTC  

And everything is ultimate at the same time.

2017-05-22 07:24:12 UTC  

Matter is a funny substance

2017-05-22 07:24:25 UTC  

Very prone to change

2017-05-22 07:24:41 UTC  

But always present

2017-05-22 07:24:52 UTC  

and changes

2017-05-22 07:25:01 UTC  

every fkin time

2017-05-22 07:25:33 UTC  

Ha. Thanks for your help.

2017-05-22 07:26:33 UTC  

How can be something that always is?

2017-05-22 07:26:40 UTC  

And always will be?

2017-05-22 07:27:48 UTC  

Sometimes objective comes too close subjective.

2017-05-22 07:27:58 UTC  

Or is it the opposite?

2017-05-22 07:28:31 UTC  

Or is it happaning all the time?

2017-05-22 07:29:14 UTC  

Now I will know, if something is good, it depends on its quality.

2017-05-22 07:29:36 UTC  

@Deleted User material, yes.

2017-05-22 07:29:58 UTC  

are you a material yourself?

2017-05-22 07:30:10 UTC  

Yes, I am now.

2017-05-22 07:30:18 UTC  

@Deleted User and before?

2017-05-22 07:30:57 UTC  

Not since right now, since maybe a month ago. Then I did not know; agnostic. Wanted to believe that saw no logical way. Now I see my cowardice.

2017-05-22 07:31:18 UTC  

@Deleted User what is the history of this material?

2017-05-22 07:31:54 UTC  

You mean historical materialism or other secular explanation like determinism? Is this an exam?

2017-05-22 07:32:51 UTC  

@Deleted User What qualitative, quantitative changes in your essence did you experience?

2017-05-22 07:33:32 UTC  

Tension and then freedom. I combined the best of both.

2017-05-22 07:33:47 UTC  

@Deleted User tell me about it.

2017-05-22 07:36:01 UTC  

I had experienced what I thought were 'mystical' experiences, that I could only experience being close to the supernatural, or at least entertaining thoughts of the supernatural. This created tension because I knew in my mind the supernatural did not exist. But then, when I read Marx and about Dialectical Materialism, it filled the supernatural need. And now I have piece of mind and piece of heart together, with no tension. I have been freed.